Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Death on the Beach.

A naked man is murdered in a bed, Sonia Infante looking thicker than a bowl of oatmeal swims topless in her big pool and Rodolfo De Anda drives home in a fancy old car. This is the fascinating opening to Enrique Gomez Vadillo’s Muerte En La Playa (aka "Death on the Beach").

David (Andres Bonfiglio) has arrived to a luxurious beach house to spend the summer with his wealthy mother Lorena (Sonia Infante) and he also meets her fiancée Paul (Rodolfo De Anda). Lorena is happy to see her son back from school and Paul at first is looking forward to getting to know David, but he later becomes dismissive when it becomes obvious David is gay. David hangs out with a girl at the suggestion of his mother, but the girl quickly realizes he’s not interested in her whatsoever & calls him a “faggot”. Afterwards, David hangs out with a couple of other dudes and he ends up pushing them off to their brutal deaths. David is clearly a disturbed young man since he shows zero remorse for his actions and later kills others as well. When David meets Tony (Humberto Lobato), he is smitten to him & tries to convince Tony to be with him despite having a girlfriend. Paul, feeling the need to expose David’s secret to his mother: hatches up a plan by paying Tony to record himself having sex with David. This all of course leads to something very disastrous & deadly. 

Despite the run time of 74 minutes, so much happens in Muerte En La Playa and I must say I was really impressed by it. The movie is very dramatic and quite sleazy at the same time. The characters in the movie are so intriguing as well. As fucked up as David is, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy since he’s a victim of sexual abuse & seems to have never really recovered from it and takes out his anger on others in the most fucked up ways possible. Sonia Infante’s character Lorena is hardly in the movie since she’s usually “working”, but when we do see her she is usually with Paul and swimming in her little bathing suit showing off that amazing body she has. When David is ever mentioned: Lorena is so in denial that there could be something wrong with her son. She sees her son as a good kid & all. Paul: the worst fiancée in the world. Sure he loves his lady, but the fact that he shows distaste for her son and tries to sabotage him leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I really wish there was more of an explanation about Paul since his intentions weren’t very clear exactly. Still, I enjoyed him being the sorta second antagonist.

The movie’s themes are clearly sexuality & murder and of course the movie doesn’t leave out any skin whatsoever. We see Sonia Infante nude & having sex and then there’s plenty of fit dudes hardly wearing shirts since they’re all the beach. One male character shows it all off in one scene and it’s a guy whom David confides in & sleeps with because he lets him do whatever he wants & is mentally handicapped.

Muerte En La Playa is a real hidden gem. It’s short, sweet & sleazy. It’s been on my mind a lot since I watched it the first time and I can’t get enough of it. A new favorite of mine for sure. If given the chance, please do check it out.

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