Monday, November 11, 2013

The Perfect Couple.

A lot of people have 'unnatural' kinks. Sebastian Ligarde's kink in La Pareja Perfecta (aka "The Pefect Couple") is beating & murdering women to death. Calling them "sluts, whores, etc." too of course.

Sebastian Ligarde plays Francisco in La Pareja Perfecta: Casos De Alarma II. As a child, Francisco was just like any other boy. He liked weird little animals and peeping at attractive ladies showering. Unfortunately, whenever his mad-religious mom caught him doing his weird little shits, she would beat his hands and tell him to beg God for forgiveness. After burying a rat that he found and was later mutilated by his mother's shoes; he witnesses a young man beating a girl and raping her. Witnessing that assault basically fucked up Francisco. Later on when he's a teenager, him & some buddies get a hooker, but Francisco is the only one that fails to do her. The hooker laughs at his impotence (tragic). When his mother dies, Francisco is forced to marry his non-blood related cousin (Lorena Herrera) in order to inherit the mother's fine estate. So they marry, and on the honeymoon, Francisco fails to bang his new wife because he sees his mother's face rather than Lorena Herrera's sexy face. This isn't the only time it happens either. Francisco just can't have sex with his wife!

Then out of nowhere, Francisco begins to get an urge to have sex by flirting with other women. At work, his secretaries are pretty fucking hot & pretty flirtatious. One girl flirts with him a lot; but has limited herself from ever getting with him because she would never get with a married man (what a cutie). When Francisco is rejected by her; he gets real pissed, calls her a whore, beats her, and feeds her to man eating rats in a cellar. When he gets home, Francisco finally has sex with his wife! But he does so because the thought of him abusing/mutilating a 'dirty' woman turns him on. With that, he continues to harm other women, and afterwards he comes home to his wife to have steamy sex with.

Who knew beating a woman and killing her could be the new Viagra. That's what I learned from La Pareja Perfecta. Of course, I would never do that because I'm way too much of a gentleman to do something so ridiculously fucked up (duh). I also learned that in order to make a movie last over an hour & forty minutes, you have to just fill up on long talk scenes in an office and random far away shots of Sebastian Ligarde walking. No biggie. Well, according to the filmmakers that is. I personally hated that shit.

Despite the walking & talking, La Pareja Perfecta doesn't disappoint in the T&A/female department. There's a total of 6 women in the movie, and 4 of them are real hot. The other 2 are not hot since one is the mean religious mother and a homely secretary who Francisco ends up getting after killing his 2 other ones (hehe).

My favorite scenes of  La Pareja Perfecta are the ones where the  attractive dead girls' spirits come out to sensually dance for Francisco. They're dressed up real nicely for him and want him. He however runs away from the dead girls because he knows its unnatural. That's kind of stupid though because if theses girls were haunting me, I wouldn't go away from them. I'd sit back, enjoy, and see how far it goes. Sorta. Maybe. Who knows.

In the horror department, La Pareja Perfecta shows some pretty gruesome scenes. Nothing over the top, but there's shots of rats crawling around a screaming & bloody woman. Now that's pretty scary shit right there. Sebastian Ligarde, whom played evil men in movies & tv all the time; really gets mean in the movie by whipping girls with his belt and calling them whores. I swear, Sebastian Ligarde is such a great actor. He seriously can pull off playing a really bad person. If he plays a good guy, then its not believable. Those eyes of his say pure evil no matter what!

Ignore the walking & talking and La Pareja Perfecta is a fine sleazy flick to watch late at night. Go for it. 5/10.

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