Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mexican Psycho IV.

On a radio talk show with psychiatrist Dr. Nora (Nora Torrero), she discusses Matricide with another psychiatrist. They give reasons of how and why matricides happen, then the radio show receives a phone call from a man named Sebastian (Sebastian Ligarde) using the alias “Pepe” who tells them they’re all wrong about Matricide and his reason for killing his own mother was simply out of “love”. In a series of flashbacks, “Pepe” discusses of the times he killed women and his psychotic mother wanting him to keep away from any other woman who dares touch him. She sees her son as pure and only belongs to her.

Obsesion De Matar (aka "Obsession To Kill") is such a great movie. Everything about this movie is perverse and crazy as shit. I do however have to note that this movie is basically a rip-off of Psycho IV. It's almost the same exact plot, but with some minor changes to appear more unique and appealing. It works out so well though. I promise. In Psycho IV, we are under the impression that Norman Bates was often teased by his mother, but never goes too far into something much more. In Obsesion De Matar, Sebastian is seduced by his mother and straight up raped. Basically this makes Psycho IV look like a fucking lifetime movie. This is a real movie about a psycho and his psycho-perverse mother. Truly remarkable.

Obsesion De Matar is a must see for sure if you’re looking for something sleazy and psychotic. While it’s not exactly an original story, it is still very entertaining and filled with some great characters played by some amazing actors’ & actresses. My highest recommendation. A true favorite of mine.

Also worth noting: 
It’s interesting how slightly different the Mexcinema video release and the Cable TV version are. It seems the flashback scenes on the TV version were in full-color and the home video version has the flashbacks in Sepia. Not really sure why this was done, but nevertheless it was interesting to see this difference. The opening credits are also different, but only in the font colors. The TV version shows the title of the movie in blue font, the video version shows the title of the movie in white font. Again, not sure why of the difference, but clearly they differed in even the slightest of ways.