Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mexican VHS Haul on the last Friday of the year.

If you follow the Blogo Trasho facebook page and/or my Instagrams (@raculfright_13 @lavenganzadelraculfright13), then you would of saw me early in the morning buying up some Mexican VHS tapes from an awesome man named Juan. I visited him a couple times already and even made videos of the last haul I got and everything was pure gold. Awesome titles & titles I never even heard of. This time around I got not only more amazing tapes, but some posters & loose covers as well! Really cool stuff! Some of these covers were big time upgrades for some of my collection that have inferior quality covers (rips, fadings, tearings, hard shelf wear, etc.). Once I arrived back home, I made a couple videos on my phone of what I got. Hope you enjoy my awkwardness! Also, I'm very much aware that the first video technically contains images of nudity, but don't tell anyone. Okay? Promise? I also say the wrong plot for El Descuartizador. I got it confused with some other movie or something! Oh, well though! Anyway, enjoy the videos! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

In Search of Santa Claus... In Our Hearts.

A group of kids in a small town in Mexico ride their bikes around, getting into mischief & just having a good ol’ time. As Christmas time approaches, Luis will finally get to use the map his late grandfather had given him which leads to a location where Santa Claus lands in town. Luis and his friends are excited to use the map, but suddenly Luis grows extremely ill and it turns out that little Luis has a tumor in his head and is given not very much time to live since it is so severe. With no time to waste, Luis’ friends take him into town on Christmas Eve to reach the area where Santa Claus will land!

Sitting on my eBay watch list for the longest of time—I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing En Busca De Santa Claus (aka "In Search of Santa Claus"). This is a Christmas movie/family movie featuring a virtually-unknown cast other than Guillermo Quintanilla and Lucero Reynoso. This movie is very, very obscure. There’s nothing about this movie anywhere online (just an IMDb page with the wrong year) and never been for sale anywhere other than eBay. It’s so unusual how there’s nothing on this movie, so I assume this movie was limited released on tape. Maybe it shouldn’t of existed. I don’t know. Either way, I’m content that I was able to watch this finally. Now was the movie any good? Well, I can pretty much say this definitely was not a bad movie, but its not exactly what I expected. I expected something a little more oddballish & featuring Santa Claus himself. However, Saint Nick doesn’t really appear in the movie, but some Christmas miracles do happen though. 

En Busca De Santa Claus is very family-oriented, so families are more of the target audience other than my weird ass self. It’s full of quirky kids, adults dealing with adult stuff (not the bad, sleazy stuff) and as I mentioned already—Christmas Miracles! The power of praying to Jesus as well. It was also interesting that most of the music in the movie is music from The Wonder Years. You know, those amazing little songs that would play in certain episodes? Yes, those.

When I think of Santa Claus and Mexican movies, I’m gonna think about Venganza Suicida, Habia Una Vez una Estrella and the famous Rene Cardona movie about Santa Claus. Will I think about En Busca De Santa Claus now that I’ve seen it? Well I suppose so. It is now unearthed after all.

En Busca De Santa Claus is decent family Christmas movie. It’s just of course not what I expected it to be. Curious? Very curious? Watch it then. Why not. What do you go to lose? Time? We waste time all the time. So don’t give me or anyone excuses to skip out on watching En Busca De Santa Claus.

Watch Full Movie Here:

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Super Mojado: El Protector De La Raza.

I was trying to come up with something pretentious & clever to write about before this review, but I couldn’t come up with anything to say considering Super Mojado is a silly little forgotten movie about a different kind of superhero. A very, very different kind of superhero. This superhero is a mojado and a very strange one at that.

In Super Mojado we meet Tacho (Hector Kiev). Tacho is a Mexican immigrant who’s been in Los Angeles for 5 years and lives with his unusual aunt (Ana Luisa Peluffo) & cousin (Raul Padilla "Choforo"). Tacho has a hard time trying to find steady work since he lacks speaking English & has no papers. When Tacho at last gets a job at a clothing factory ironing clothes, he finds out that many factory owners are partnered with La Migra. They always hire illegal immigrants and when it’s time to pay them, they get the workers deported & keep the money that the workers were to earn! When Tacho catches word of this and grows tired of his fellow mojados getting treated unfairly—he becomes the protector for La Raza. Tacho puts together a costume from old clothes and becomes Super Mojado! Super Mojado saves immigrants from being deported and trying to fight off La Migra & the unfair factory owners!

The first time I ever heard of Super Mojado was when I found the hilarious cover at Movie Island. Sadly, Movie Island didn’t have the tape, so it remained lost for me for quite some time till finally I acquired a copy on eBay.  For some reason, I didn’t really think much of the movie at first. I didn’t really get into it and I thought it was generally bad as well. Now that I watch it again, It kind of grew on me. I mean the movie is no I Vitelloni or Spider-Man, but Super Mojado is mildly fun, quirky trash. Very obscure as well.

From 1992 (not 91' as IMDb lists)Super Mojado was played & written by Hector Kiev who’s definitely no stranger to movies about Mexican immigrants since he not only wrote this movie but also Con El Odio En La Piel, Mojados De Corazon and Arizona. IMDb claims Rami Rodriguez directed the movie, but it was actually Jon Michael Bischof. Yes, Dino PJ dude of Don’t Panic and cocaine addict character/director of Ratas Nocturnas. Incredible, right? The movie also stars the legendary Ana Luisa Peluffo as Tacho's aunt who's extremely weird. I assume she's just an old crazy woman? Alcoholic? Both?? Then there's also the Mexican comedic/singing duo "Huarachin" & "Huarachon" who sing one dumb little song and do weird comedic bits for cheap laughs. They also own a Polaroid camera which comes quite handy in a certain scene. Incredible, right?

Super Mojado is worth a watch if you’re into cheap superhero stuff and into movies about Mexican immigrants living in the USA. Like I’ve said, the movie isn’t exactly well-made, but it is still entertaining in the least bit. It tries. It has guts in it.