Saturday, April 2, 2022

Weird fuckery with Simpatias.

A while back, I watched David Fincher’s Zodiac and at first I was intrigued by seeing all the characters working hard on cracking down the codes & finding the killer, but after a while I got bored and realized most detective movies like this are complete snooze-fests. Several weeks later, I decided to watch Las Que Las Dan Me Dan Miedo and to my surprise this too was a detective movie, but after a while not so much since the movie turns into a clusterfuck of weirdness after 10 minutes in. Was it a snooze-fest too? Nah. Just weird. Really, really fucking weird. 

An attractive woman named Candy enters the detective agency belonging to “El Simpatias” (Alejandro Suarez) to enquire him for a job. Candy hires El Simpatias to join her to a spooky old mansion that belonged to a late uncle of hers. Candy is to inherit the mansion along with a mass fortune, but she’s very skeptical about the whole ordeal since she has to spend the night there in order to claim the entire inheritance and this is where Simpatias gets to work—which is to find out what the hell is really going on. Candy, a (very) close friend of hers & Simpatias arrive at the mansion where they meet the ghoulish caretaker (Antonio Raxel) and unexpectedly Candy's older cousin (Blanca Nieves) also just happens to be at the mansion to spend the night. It all seems well at first for everyone since they get super drunk & dance around to some unusual music, but then later into the night a cheaply-looking ghost tries to scare everyone out and perhaps even to death as well. 

Las Que Las Dan Me Dan Miedo is seriously a really fucking weird movie. What makes it so weird? Well for starters, the entire aesthetic of the movie is so peculiar, the music playing is also very unusual sounding, the ghost is of course weird as fuck & cheap looking, the caretaker sleeps with a Felix the Cat plush and the most weirdest aspect of the movie is none other than our main character El SimpatiasHector Suarez’s younger brother Alejandro Suarez plays El Simpatias, a quirky character Alejandro has played for many years on tv & in live shows. El Simpatias is always laughing at his own jokes, is always hungry and is always never serious. His attire consists of dark-rimmed glasses, a weird hat from the 1970’s & baggy pants with Snoopy on them. Simpatias' attire is something the kids today would probably wear to a Tyler The Creator concert. Ironically trying too hard of course. Speaking of attire; every woman in the movie is wearing some amazing-looking babydoll nighties and it seems our cinematographer was a huge fan of that considering there's many close-up shots of the ladies wandering around together or just in bed looking good. All that was definitely eye-catching and chock-full of it! 

Las Que Las Dan Me Dan Miedo is so far the weirdest movie I’ve seen yet. So much weird fuckery in a 75-minute runtime. It’s not a complete waste of time to watch, but in all honesty it’s not a funny movie at all despite it trying to be, especially with El Simpatias constantly messing around and even going as far as transforming into his ridiculous superhero alter ego: “Super Simpa”. Do I dare seek out more of Alejandro Suarez’s weird fuckery after watching this? Sure, why not. I probably won’t laugh, but I will at least be weirdly amused.