Saturday, May 22, 2021

Media Music Used In Mexican Films of the 1970's & 1980's.

 During the mid-70's to the mid-80's; a variety of Mexican films made by producer Ruben Benavides & the Galindo family (Pedro Galindo, Ruben Galindo Aguilar, Ruben Galindo Jr, Pedro Galindo III, Rodolfo Galindo) had become quite the hits and in both Mexico and especially the United States since most of these were filmed out in South Texas. Brownsville being the main town of filming. The movies were very popular since they portrayed what life for the Mexicans in the US was like in those times and some of them were just plain fun movies with thrilling action & madness. What makes these movies even more memorable is the music in them which was all provided by the most well-known media/production music composer known as "Ole Georg". He has quite the fascinating career and you can read more about him and the music on their website:

Ole Georg with such high demand from TV & Movie makers from all over; had gathered many musicians to record music with lots of synthesizers, electric guitars, electric keyboards and even trumpets. A lot of these songs are either sad sounding, dramatic sounding or just plain badass sounding. These songs have stuck to a lot of people who grew up watching these movies and for years I've wondered who exactly composed them and if they were even acquirable. A lot of these songs were released on CD's and vinyl records, but very hard to find now a days. Luckily though, there are YouTube channels that have many of these songs uploaded and we must thank these individuals for doing this. I have compiled a YouTube playlist with many of these songs and hope you enjoy it and be sure to subscribe to these channels that have uploaded the songs for our enjoyment!

And here is a video mix I've compiled of several movie clips featuring these songs from Ol Georg & company. I may or may not make a 2nd part since there's still many movies that feature these songs & then some. Enjoy! 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Girl With The Dimples.

At Trash-Mex, we adore killer midget clown dolls, drunken horny vampires, drunken fat ninja turtle wannabes, horny construction workers & excessive gun-firing action. But aside from the violence & cheap sexual drunken humor; drama & romance are beloved just as much. I like my drama & romance movies sappy as hell and usually about growing up as well. In Ruben Galindo’s La Niña De Los Hoyitos (roughly translated as "The Girl With The Dimples"), Ruben delivers a coming of age/quirky & awkward romance amongst adolescents in South Texas. 

Pedrito Fernández plays Ferco; an adolescent boy who enjoys flying planes with his pilot father, learning about photography from his mother and playing baseball in his high school freshman team. Ferco often struggles in the sport, but hunky high school senior/baseball coach Rafael (Arturo Vazquez) continuously encourages him to keep getting better. During a game, Ferco first lays eyes on the new sophomore girl Rosalba, who’s angelic face with dimples & pretty blonde hair immediately attracts Ferco and also heavily distracts him during the game. Ferco longs for Rosalba and this of course upsets Ferco’s longtime geeky friend Usi, who just happens to have a huge crush on him and not even the fake big boobs she concots out of 2 water balloons are enough to gain Ferco’s attention. Rosalba begins to date Rafael and when the small relationship dissolves, Rosalba then begins to hang out with Ferco since he's very kind to her and of course longs to be with her. Ferco then learns about what love & friendship truly are and when tragedy strikes, Ferco learns more about growing up & to never lose hope despite losses that should arise in life. 

When I was about 13-14, I came across my parents watching La Niña De Los Hoyitos on TV and the catchy synth media music used in the movie is what lured my attention to it. The media music used in the movie is favored by many fans of the movie and when I came across them on YouTube, I saw a lot of comments saying how they were very happy to find the main song that was used in La Niña De Los Hoyitos and that it reminds them of their childhood crushes. That song they speak of is the soft-sounding ballad entitled “Jade Pavilion” by Roger Webb. The other media tracks used in the movie are "Designer Collection"“Solar Wind” & “Insiders” by Roger Webb, “Test Pattern” by Jack Mayborn and “Rocket Rhythm No. 1” by Thomas Clausen. The Thomas Clausen track is used in the school dance scene and it’s incredibly cheesy, but oh so fun! It is so fascinating how this movie and its simple use of media music could trigger up old feelings & memories to this very day still. La Niña De Los Hoyitos is truly a special movie since it’s so fun, adorable & gentle. It’s one of the few Pedrito Fernandez movies that heavily favorited right next to La Niña De La Mochila Azul. La Niña De Las Hoyitos is also based on a popular mariachi song that Pedrito had recorded prior to the movie adaption being made. The song of course is about falling for a dimple-faced girl who has now left him and all he has is a photograph of her.  

Just one great thing after the other, Hoyitos just has it all it seems. A great plot about falling in love for the first time & growing up, plenty of great music playing through out the movie and of course features a great cast which consists of the famous Joaquin Cordero, Maricruz Oliver, Isela Vega’s son Arturo Vazquez and the siblings Usi & Cesar Velasco of the Alegrias De Mediodía fame. While the cast has familiar names; there is one that fans of the movie often ask about and that would be Greta Braniff who played Rosalba. La Niña De Los Hoyitos was her only credited role in a movie and after the movie she just disappeared and it’s a shame because she seemed like an actress who would of definitely been offered more roles & perhaps even become a big star, but of course that is not always the case for everyone even if they have the means for it. Pedrito Fernández of course doesn’t disappoint and yet again here is a movie where he gives it his 100%. Pedrito is a natural and always likable to see in these movies. I don’t think I’ve seen one movie of his where he doesn’t disappoint and that is truly remarkable.

La Niña De Los Hoyitos is tons of fun & a must see. It is a movie that’ll lift your spirits and perhaps even make you feel nostalgic of growing up/falling in love for the first time just as the many fans of the movie have mentioned. The music used in the movie is great and will for sure be stuck on your head for a long duration. You will be humming them for sure. 

Ruben Galindo did it again, folks. He made another great one. 

"La De Los Hoyitos" by Pedrito Fernandez

media music tracks used in the movie: