Thursday, October 20, 2022

Panic In The Mountain with Pedro Fernandez, Maria Rebeca & Resortes!

The mountain ghost town of “Dos Estrellas” ("2 Stars") is feared by those nearby, but an old quirky man named Beto (Adalberto Martinez "Resortes") alongside his strong-willed nephew Pedro (Pedro Fernandez) and local girl Rebeca (Maria Rebeca) head out there in search of treasure in the old mines. Once the trio settle in Dos Estrellas, they take notice of the eerie things going on around there and they’re also not alone since a big bearded man named “George” (George Samano) lives in the town and there’s also another man living there with his motherwhom probably is not even alive. After breaking open a locked-up mine, a supernatural being is unleashed and begins to terrorize the trio & eventually takes possession of Pedro!

Panico En La Montaña (aka "Panic In The Mountain") is the first of two horror-comedies that Pedro Galindo III had made alongside his glorious filmmaking family. Pedro III by this time had already directed several genre movies and this one seems to have wanted to be a throwback of sorts to the early Pedrito Fernandez & Maria Rebeca stuff that Pedro’s uncle Ruben Galindo had made in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The audience in mind for those movies were families & kids of the very same age as Pedro & Maria, but with them being young adults now, they twisted up the cutesy-sappy kid stuff with horror since the horror genre was dominating box offices during the 80’s. 

So does Panico En La Montaña play out well for what it is? I would say yes because Panico is a fun watch that offers an eerie mountain ghost town setting, a ghoulish protagonist that Jorge Reynoso plays so perfectly and the movie of course features a cast that is very beloved. Especially in those times. As kids, Pedro Fernandez & Maria Rebeca had starred in several movies together and the most famous one was "La Niña De La Mochila Azul". That was the movie that made them stars and a sort of rejuvenator for the old comedic actor Adalberto Martinez “Resortes”. Seeing these 3 actors together again is very sentimental and in a different kind of story is quite intriguing as well. This also marks the last time these 3 appear together. A farewell to those days? Basically, yes.

If you enjoy all the other amazing movies that Pedro Galindo III had directed and are a huge sap for the ol' Pedro Fernandez/Maria Rebeca flicks & if horror-comedies are your thing, then Panico En La Montaña is a must see. It'll give you everything to expect and put a little smile to your face. It is enjoyable for what it is.