Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lina Santos' Bloody Seduction.

You know who's sexy & awesome? Lina Santos! You know what makes Lina Santos more sexy & awesome? Getting possessed by an evil witch in Seduccion Sangrienta!

In Seduccion Sangrienta (aka "Bloody Seduction"), the sexy & awesome Lina Santos plays Martha, a wife to a kind rich man. Martha's birthday is coming, so her husband searches high & low for a really special gift to give her. He then finds an antique shop which carries lots of wonderful things Martha will surely love. As soon as he enters the shop, he finds a mysterious little box in a table, he opens it, and then finds himself in the past where he witnesses an evil witch being punished to death by monks. This mysterious box is pretty fucking scary, but good enough to give to Martha for her birthday! On Martha's special day, she is given the box, opens it, and finds herself witnessing the witch being punished, and then she somehow becomes possessed by the evil witch. From then on, she starts to murder men (her own husband is the 1st victim!) and uses one of them for some sort of sacrifice. It's up to a priest that specializes in exorcisms to stop Martha from killing more stupid men. 

With a title like Seduccion Sangrienta, you would expect to see Lina Santos seducing all kinds of stupid dudes and then killing them to a bloody pulp. However, when she is killing someone, it goes by very slow and very little blood is shown. I really wish I knew why the director wanted the murder scenes to go by slowly. I mean come on now, what the fuck is the point? That isn't making the scenes intense! On a positive note, we do get a nice scene where the possessed Lina Santos touches herself all over. The way she touches her beautiful body is simply intriguing.

Craving an obscure Mexican Horror movie starring Lina Santos? Then check out Seduccion Sangrienta then. Maybe you'll like it more than I did. Just remember though, it will go very slow when sexy/awesome Lina Santos stabs a fucker to death.