Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kill All The Punks!

A gang of vicious punks enter the home of a doctor (Fernando Almada). The gang fuck around with the doctor and his family, then they kill the family. The doctor is left for dead but of course he survives. After a brutal recovery, the doctor leaves the hospital with only revenge on his mind. With the help of a suicidal woman, the doctor gathers the vicious punk gang in an abandoned building so he can kill them all in the craziest ways possible!

Just when I thought there was no more crazy Mexican punk movies for me to watch, I find Ansiedad Asesina (aka "Killer Anxiety"). This movie is freaking awesome, man. Plot may not be all that original (of course), but some the killings are very original! When the punks enter the building, they find pictures on the walls. The pictures are drawings of their horrible demises. Some of these drawings are painted in blood! Wowza! The first kill is simple, punk guy finds the suicidal chick wanting him, they make out, then the doctor bashes his back with a hatchet. Another punk dude is burned, one is drowned (looks real too!), then a punk girl enters a toy room and is brutally stabbed in the neck! The suicidal girl is in the toy room dressed as a doll. FanFuckingTastic!!!!!!!!

Violent. Weird. Sleazy. Insane. 90's as fuck. Ansiedad Asesina is a great Mexican punk trash movie. It is a must watch. You won't hate it. I promise. 8/10.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Those Damn Bukis.

Back when I was a very small child in the early 90's, I remember seeing and hearing Los Bukis everywhere I went with my parents. We'd go to a party or swap meet or some family friend's house, Bukis music would be playing along with Selena music (she was everywhere as well). Every time I saw a picture (or cassette cover) of this extremely popular band, I would stare at Marco Antonio Solis and think, "Is that Jesus Christ?". Let's face it, the man looks exactly like Jesus so of course I (along with other children from that time) would think that. Yep, Los Bukis were very huge in the 90's. They were so huge that mainstream mexican filmmakers decided to make a movie starring the Bukis themselves. This movie was called Como Fui A Enamorarme De Ti.

In Como Fui A Enamorarme De Ti (aka "How Could I Have Fallen In Love With You"), Los Bukis are touring around Mexico. They play their biggest hits and get into quirky mischief together! One morning, the lead vocalist Marco Antonio Solis meets a female photographer, she's a bit mean at first but then she somehow falls in love with Marco. After unexpectedly leaving the fancy hotel she and the Bukis are staying at, Marco becomes heartbroken. Marco misses the woman so badly that he starts to sing his emotions away in the recording studio and on stage. Poor Marco Antonio Solis! After a while, we finally find out why the chick left Marco with no word. Turns out the chick's father is the head of a music piracy sting! He mainly pirates Bukis music and so he wants his daughter staying away from Marco & the rest of the band because it might just interfere with his work! 

Good Lord, this movie is cheesy to the max. To be quite honest, I was expecting a very serious movie with tear jerker moments since the movie was directed by Sergio Olhovich (director of Muneca Reina, a bizarre story about obsession and lost love). Now how is it cheesy you ask? Well, a lot of things happen in this movie. A lot of cheesy things. Like a fat chick chasing "Chivo" Cortez all over Mexico, then some of the other Bukis fly kites while Indios play music in the background, then they also remember silly old times together (via flashbacks), then the Bukis make a female fan's night wonderful by having her on stage, give her flowers, and perform a song especially for her!

Now the most cheesy thing about this movie is the conflict, the conflict would be the music piracy sting. We see 2 goofy guys illegally recording Bukis music, then after a badass concert, gunmen break into the Bukis tour bus where they steal some of their unreleased music. After taking the music, they start to gun down people around the bus!

As cheesy it is, it's worth a watch. It’s cheesy for sure, but entertaining nonetheless. Don't take it so serious if you plan on watching it. Just enjoy the music, the fat chick chasing Chivo, and Marco Antonio Solis's Jesus Like Appearance & tame acting.