Saturday, March 4, 2023

Deadly White Lines.

It’s been said many times and that is that drugs are bad for you. Drugs will ruin your life and those around you as well. In De Un Blanco Mortal, drugs definitely ruin the main character’s life. Does redemption come for them at least? Nah. 

Susana Prado (Lorena Herrera) is a young gal looking for excitement alongside her friend Nora (Michelle Mayer). At a restaurant, Susana catches the attention of radio station owner Isaac (Hector Bonilla) and he truly feels she has potential on being on air, thus gives her a shot in a radio show and this leads to a fantastic career for Susana. Susana then begins a relationship with Isaac, who’s quite charismatic & wealthy, but he is however involved with some not so great people & he is the one who introduces Susana to what will lead to her downfall in life—Cocaine. The cocaine usage at first seems harmless, but as time goes by & her ego grows—Susana begins to use it more often and relies on it heavily. Her cocaine addiction then leads to her radio career ending, having Isaac’s unwanted son (who’s born addicted to cocaine), then with little to no money, Susana begins to sell herself and acquires a cheaper alternative to cocaine—Crack Cocaine. 

De Un Blanco Mortal is the 3rd & final entry of Benjamin Escamilla Espinosa’s Casos De Alarma film trilogy and Blanco Mortal isn’t so much of a grimy movie as the other 2 are. If anything, this one is a lot more focused on being a serious melodrama & sending out an anti-drug message as well. De Un Blanco Mortal portrays drug addiction as it truly is— it’s sad, it’s vile & very ugly. It doesn’t glorify it at all.

While the movie remains serious, it doesn’t skip out on showing Lorena Herrera off because she is very eye-catching. Lorena dresses scantily through out the movie and is very promiscuous with the men she’s involved with. However, all that does change when the drug addiction takes its turn for the worst and it’s there that we see Susana becoming a sex worker and then rotting away in the streets with nothing to her name. Lorena Herrera here proved what a great actress she can be because she can play eye-candy, but she can also play a tragically-realistic character as well.

All 3 Casos De Alarma movies are hard to find these days and to my knowledge only the first 2 were released on cheapie DVD’s and those too are hard to find now. If found though, do check them out because each movie is unique & intriguing to watch. Just remember though, De Un Blanco Mortal is the not so grimy Casos De Alarma movie, but it’s still worth a watch and for sure will be likened.