Friday, June 29, 2012

13 MORE Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over!!!

As promised, here's 13 MORE Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over!

Chico Pistolon (1994)
Miguel Marte's worst movie. You would think a movie with Mario Almada and Alfonso Zayas would be great, but nope! It sucks! It sucks big time! The trailer is funny though. Kinda funny..

Pueblo De Malditos (1993)
Now this looks like a great Miguel Marte movie! That part where Mario Almada is setting off a bunch of bombs = AMAZING AS FUCK.

Desafiando A La Muerte (1990)
I saw some of this last year. Didn't like it. Then again, I was in a bad mood that night. Maybe when I'm feeling happy I'll get into it!

El Pichichi Del Barrio (Futbol De Alcoba 2) (1989)
Those big booty's. Those dorky middle aged men. Looks like a great movie!

Las Movidas Del Mofles (1987)
Hot women in their underwear. Hot women naked in bed. More dorky middle aged men. Man, I must see this one!

Fuera Ropa (1995)
Looks pretty lame but I'd watch it anyway!

El Mil Hijos (1989)
Looks boring but watchable because of Lorena Herrera! AH!

Muerte Ciega (1992)
I saw this one recently on tv. It's okay. Kinda slow but interesting. Lorena Herrera of course looks great in the movie. She wears a nice & bright pink bikini in one part (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Este Vampiro Es Un Tiro (1991)
This one I own on VHS. It's pretty lame but eh.. It's worth watching if you're into dorky vampires and poofy haired women (!!!!!).

Los Hojalateros (1991)
Dorky middle aged men staring at a big booty bending over.. Well that alone makes the movie worth watching!

Oficio: Golfa (Mexican Pretty Woman) (1990)
Released on video under the title 'Mexican Pretty Woman', Oficio: Golfa looks like a really fun movie. I gotta get myself a copy of this one. You should too!

Cabalgando Con La Muerte (1989)
An amazing looking Western flick starring Mario Almada and Eric Del Castillo. I need to see this one!

Intriga Policiaca (1992)
Miguel Marte, you once again amaze me with a badass looking action movie starring Mario Almada! LOOK AT MARIO ALMADA SHOOTING ALL THOSE SKI MASKED FUCKS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

13 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over!!!

Last month, I brought you 17 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over. Today I bring you 13! Tomorrow, I'll bring you 13 more!

                                                   FUUUCK YES! ENJOY THEM!

El Homicida (1990)
Sebastian Ligarde is at his best in this movie. He's mean and oh so sleazy!

Jovenes Delincuentes (1991)
I have this one. Haven't watched it yet but it does look pretty good! MEXICAN JUVENILE DELINCUENTS FTW!

La Mujer Judicial (1990)
This one is great. Olivia Collins guns down a group of chicks, there's corrupt cops, Mario Almada is her father figure, and a chubby cheeked boy comes in to her life. Ahhh, wonderful!

Traicion A La Media Noche (1990)
Such an awesome looking movie! Diana Ferreti shoots down a fat guy! AHH!

Ciudad Sin ley (1990)
This one looks amazing. Too amazing. Look at Edna Bolkan! WOWZA! I will get this movie! Watch!

La Caida De Noriega (1990)
A trashy Mexican movie about Manuel Noriega. Looks good!

Calles Sangrientas (1990)
Also known as "Siete En La Mira 3" (not related to the first 2 movies), this movie is basically a Mexican Class of 1984. It's fantastic! There's lots of fighting, rapes, bloody murders and robberies. These punks are crazy!

Caminantes Si Hay Caminos (1991)
Los Caminantes + over the top violence = Your Mexican Dad's wet dream! If you got a Mexican dad, this movie will entertain him big time!

La Guerrera Vengadora 2 (1992)
Rosa Gloria Chagoyan is seriously the coolest. Hot too.

Lola La Trailera 3 (El Gran Reto) (1991)
the last Lola La Trailera movie. I dig it! It's great.

La Fuerza Bruta (1991)
Looks rather dull but it's got a great cast though.

Mafia De Verdugos (1990)
Very promising looking!

Cuervo El Destructor (1991)
Such a badass looking movie! I need this movie in my life! I love how the narrator says "check this movie out on video or go see it at your favorite movie theater". Did anyone actually see this movie at their favorite movie theater?! If you have, please let me know how that was!

Alright folks, tomorrow you get to see 13 more Mexi-Trash trailers! Hope you enjoy them!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rhythm, Betrayal & Death: The Killer Cumbia.

The year is 1991. You're in a dirty little dance hall somewhere in Mexico. Inside that dance hall, you see all these scrappy couples dancing the night away to cumbia songs. Ever wonder who these people are? What are their names? What do they do when they're not dancing? Do you really want to know? Well then, watch Ritmo, Traicion y Muerte: La Cumbia Asesina ( aka "Rhythm, Betrayal & Death: The Killer Cumbia") to find out!

In the opening of La Cumbia Asesina, an attractive woman named Carmen (Eva Garbo) walks the dirty streets of Mexico as Super Grupo Colombia's "Cumbia Del Cuervo" plays. She's wearing a tight red polka dot dress and it looks so good on her. Carmen is obviously the hottest chick in town since men on the streets stare at her and catcall her. Carmen being feisty & all, flips them all off and keeps on walking. After walking the streets and prays to La Virgen De Guadalupe, Carmen then heads out to a sleazy little joint to dance the night away. Super Grupo Colombia plays the music. The type of music they play is cumbias of course. Carmen loves cumbias. After dancing, she and her dance partner (a sleazy ol' fool) are taken to an abandoned building by corrupt cops. These corrupt cops have taken them because they want to rip em' off. After the ol' fool is ripped off by the head cop Dracula (Sebastian Ligarde), Dracula then meets with Carmen. At first, Dracula and Carmen talk shit to each other, then next thing you know, they start to make out and then they have rough/passionate sex.

After the rough/passionate sex; Carmen begins to see Dracula on a daily basis. Dracula takes Carmen shopping, they wine & dine at a fancy restaurant, then they have nasty oral sex in a morgue. Apparently, the rotten smell of dead people turns Carmen on. After seeing each other for awhile, Dracula sorta loses interest in Carmen and he completely starts to avoid her. Carmen; feeling lonely & all, starts seeing another guy. This new guy is "El Combi" (Jorge Luke). El Combi is the leader of a ruthless street gang. He may be poor & dirty, but he sure knows how to please Carmen! He goes out dancing with her and gives her a good banging every now & then. Apparently, Combi is a much better lover than Dracula (uh-oh!). When Dracula finds out Carmen is seeing another guy; he grows furious, he beats Carmen up a little, and he also tries to find the guy she's been seeing so he can kill him (uh-oh!).

Carmen, torn between two men; can't decide who she should be with. Should she get back with egotistical & evil Dracula? Or should she just stick with dirty ol' but good hearted Combi? Since Carmen can't decide for herself, she lets 'fate' decide for her.

La Cumbia Asesina is such a wonderful piece of Mexican trash. From start to finish, there's always something to keep you glued to the tv screen!

For Example:

The violence in La Cumbia Asesina is ridiculously great. There's shootings, fist fights, blows to the head(s) with steel pipes, steel pipes going up rapist cop's butt holes, then there's bloody stabbings of course. My favorite kill in the movie is when El Combi stabs an old wino. The old wino asks for money, Combi tells him to fuck off, the old man spits up a loogie on his pants, then Combi stabs the old wino in the stomach. Amazing.

Now let's not forget about the sex in the movie! Good lord, is this movie sexual! There's pussy eating in a morgue, rough sex in a cheap hotel, rough sex in an abandoned building and a poor man gets sodomized by a transvestite hooker. Also, there's plenty of sexual innuendos in the movie. For example, when Carmen beats up Combi's other girl 'La Pulga', she tells him she's "La Reina" (The Queen) and begins to suck his dick. As she sucks his dick, a song called "Boquita De Caramelo" (Caramel Mouth) plays. Now that is clever & oh so funny!!!

As I said before, Ritmo, Tracion y Muerte: La Cumbia Asesina is a wonderful piece of Mexican trash. It is so filthy, weird & hilarious. It's basically a John Waters movie set in Mexico. Like John Waters movies? Like cumbia music? Like Mexican street gangs? Like hot Mexican women with lots of makeup on? Well then, watch this movie! You'll love it. 10/10.