Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Sex Call.

George Hilton stars in the 1977 Sex Thriller La Llamada Del Sexo (aka The Sex Call) as Carlos, an advertisement agent who is set to work with a beautiful model named Monica (Rosey Mendoza). Monica just happens to remind Carlos of his late sister Karin (Veronica Miriel), whom he had a sexual relationship with. So Carlos and Monica begin to work together and start seeing each other afterwards. When Carlos is with Monica, he has flashbacks of the times he spent with Karin. This of course involved sexual intercourse and ‘teasing’. Karin was Carlos' obsession in his youth, and now Monica is his obsession in adulthood. Carlos may sound like he lives an interesting & exciting life, but he does have problems of course. His problems involve his psychic friend Victor (Andres Garcia) telling him of things that will happen. These things that will happen involve his self-destruction and demise. Carlos at first doesn't take Victor's prophecies serious, but when they happen, he starts to believe he is going to die for sure. Carlos is also having trouble divorcing his wife; money is of course what's keeping the divorce from happening. All of Carlos issues eventually collide in the strangest ways possible.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really admire movies involving the characters' childhoods & adolescent years. In La Llamada Del Sexo, we get plenty of glimpses of Carlos' sexually-driven adolescence with his sister, whom isn't blood related to him by the way. It was interesting to see how obsessed he was with her, since he would film her topless running about in their home, sleeping with her constantly, and she even strips for him privately during a bizarre family masquerade in their home.

Overall though, the entire movie is just interesting and never grows boring at all. I really liked this movie. The plot is good, acting is good, and not to mention the cast is fantastic. Obviously the female leads are the fantastic ones. I especially loved the scenes with the innocent-faced Veronica Miriel. She rarely spoke in the movie, but she looked really good in the movie though. I also can't forget to mention Rosey Mendoza, whom also has an innocent face, but has a body that will definitely capture your dirty attention.

Even though George Hilton was the leading man, Andres Garcia was the better man of the movie since he is such a great actor and his character was quite interesting. He almost steals the movie with a scene where he's set up in a room full of people to show his powers. It was a random scene really, but interesting nevertheless.

As you can see (or actually read), I pretty much enjoyed this movie a lot. I can't complain about anything other than wishing it was a longer movie. I wanted a 2 hour movie I guess, but oh well. La Llamada Del Sexo is definitely a Sexual Thriller to watch. Sadly the movie isn't on DVD and only on VHS, but of course the VHS tape is always hard to find (booo). There are downloadable copies online floating around though, so grab that if you can't find a VHS copy.

La Llamada Del Sexo is a must watch. I truly recommend watching it sometime. 10/10.

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