Monday, July 29, 2013

Crime Connection & Psychothrill.

Sergio Goyri and the late Joaquin Cordero play a couple of cops named Ricardo and "Abuelo" (Grandpa) that are after local drug traffickers. They go around town shooting up drug hitmen & searching various places for drugs. One place where a shootout/drug bust breaks out is at a bowling alley. Cool, huh?

While that happens, we meet a legit looking businessman who has taken an interest in a cabaret dancer named Rita (Patricia Rivera). They share drinks, go out to fancy restaurants, and eventually they marry. Rita believes she's finally living the good life. Too bad for her though because she's actually just been setup by drug traffickers! Rita's 'husband' is going to use her to smuggle cocaine from South America into to their native Mexico. When Rita is caught with the cocaine, she is then incarcerated. Believing her story about getting married & all; Rita's defense lawyer and the cop Ricardo search high & low for evidence to prove Rita's innocence. As they search, a punk-looking hitman (Roberto Flaco Guzman) for the drug traffickers kills anyone that gives information leading to the man that set up Rita.

Conexion Criminal (aka "Crime Connection")? Or Psychothrill? Different titles. Different languages. Same movie! Whatever you want to call it, this movie is straight up good. This is one crime flick that takes itself serious and remains serious until the end. Roberto Flaco Guzman and Patricia Rivera pretty much steal the entire movie. Patricia Rivera's attractive appearance keeps you glued to the tv screen and Flaco's punk look and stabbing scenes keep you in suspense. OOOH YES.

Conexion Criminal, or Psychothrill is definitely worth a look. However, be sure to find the full uncut version of the movie. There's TV cut copies floating around Walmarts & swap meets. If the copy you have is missing the brutal murder scenes (child hanging, man set on fire, stabbing scenes, etc.) and the Patricia Rivera nude scene, then you're stuck with a lame ass cut copy. As far as I know, Any Conexion Criminal VHS releases are uncut, DVD's are cut, and the ultra rare Psychothrill VHS is completely uncut. However, the Psychothrill copy is missing the ending! How that happened is beyond me..

Be sure to check out Conexion Criminal sometime or be sure check out Psychothrill sometime. Either way, you're definitely gonna dig this fucking movie. 7/10.

Clips from the Psychothrill VHS:

Punk Flaco Guzman Music Video:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Drug Traffickers of Michoacan.

I had this amazing picture in my head of how Traficantes De Michoacan would be. As I held the VHS copy in my hands when I first got it, I pictured it being something pretty cool and badass. I pictured guns firing here & there, some machismo corridos playing here & there, and other goodies that action/crime flicks can bring. Oh boy, was I excited for this one!

Naturally, my picture of this movie turned out to be a bust since the movie was definitely not how I pictured it. Good gosh, was I wrong about this movie. Gosh.

Directed by Agustin Bernal; Traficantes De Michoacan (aka "Drug Traffickers of Michoacan") tells a story of the 3 Arteaga brothers who are from a small town in Michoacan, Mexico. We got the eldest Arteaga brother "Ruben" (Mario Almada) who dresses up a priest because his mother really wanted him to be one. Of course though, he's not really a priest since he's actually a drug trafficker. He just dresses up as a priest as a sort of tribute to his late mother (yes, weird I know). 2nd eldest Atreaga is "Jose" (Fernando Almada) who is a police chief fighting against drug traffickers in the surrounding areas of his hometown. Youngest Arteaga brother is "Saul" (Agustin Bernal) who is also a drug trafficker, but on a different turf from Ruben's.

So anyway, the movie sets around these 3 brothers who are obviously different from each other, but they get along fine when they reunite for parties. Jose (the cop) has no idea that his 2 brothers are involved in drug trafficking. He assumes they do legitimate work. But then when Maria (their young sister) gets kidnapped by a local crime boss; Jose finds out his brothers are indeed drug traffickers. It's disappointing to know this, but it doesn't matter for the time being since Jose teams up with drug-trafficking brothers to rescue their innocent little sister.

It honestly took me a while to get around to watching Traficantes De Michoacan. I actually fell asleep in the middle of it when I 1st popped in the tape unto the VCR. 2nd attempt at viewing, I fell asleep in the middle of it again. 3rd attempt at viewing, I managed to stay up and actually got to finish watching it. And let me tell ya, that was one dull ass movie!

Traficantes De Micoahocan starts off pretty promising with Agustin Bernal shooting down some hitmen and then watching Mario Almada (dressed as a priest) shooting a rival of his down. He even attempts at praying for the dead rival, but decides not to after all because "eh, he's not going to Heaven anyway. Let's just go". Amazing dialogue, right? After that, we see Fernando Almada's character gunning down a bunch of pot-bellied drug traffickers inside a wooden shack. Amazing, right? That's pretty much it from there! After that amazing 10 minutes of action-packed crap, the movie gets extremely slow and boring. Surprisingly though, the movie does get a tad good again once the 3 Arteaga brothers are up against their sister's captor. The ending however is so stupid and doesn't make any sense. Fuck.

Remember when I said I pictured some machismo corridos playing here & there? Well, that does happen once, but the corrido playing sucked so badly. Instead of using accordions, this group uses a harp. What the fuck kind of shit is that? What's even worse about this, is that Mario Almada, his brother, and Agustin Bernal literally keep on saying how good the musical group is. They are such fuckin' liars I swear because that group sucked badly. Why even lie like that for! Fuck.

As you can tell, Traficantes De Michoacan is one of helluva movie that seemed promising, but actually delivered very little and was such a bore. Booo. 3/10.


Corrido performed in the movie: