Monday, June 30, 2014

Night Rats.

Powerful drug lord Don Luis (Jorge Reynoso) drives around town in his limousine and meets with one of his dealers named Gerardo (Jon Michael bischof). Gerardo has failed to sell most of his cocaine due to snorting most of it all. Don Luis not flattered by Gerardo's actions; ends up putting a hit on him but fails to kill him in a nightclub. Don Luis from there meets with a young guy named Roberto (Roberto De Los Santos) who happens to be leader of a street gang called "Los Winners". Don Luis offers Roberto Gerardo's former job and he gladly takes it. Roberto will now be selling cocaine instead of robbing cars with his gang. From then on, Roberto struggles to conceal what he does for a living from his girlfriend & her father (Pedro Infante Jr.) who just happens to be a police detective investigating the local drug rings and street gangs. Roberto must also face off with his rivals which of course is another street gang. This gang grows jealous of Roberto's new notoriety as one of Don Luis' men.

For a 71-minute movie, Ratas Nocturnas (aka "Night Rats") sure was entertaining. It wasn't exactly an amazing movie since the acting was quite lame and the plot sometimes got weird and messy, but it‘s amusing. I did enjoy the characters quite a bit, especially Jorge Reynoso as Don Luis. I dug the jacket he wore in the movie. So fitting for that era & all. I also can't forget to mention the rap music that plays in the end credits. It sounds garage-recorded and the lyrics are super cheesy. You must listen to it. Its very amusing. The street gangs weren't too colorful, but they were amusing to look at anyway. Also, "Los Winners" is probably the coolest/corniest name for a gang.

Ratas Nocturnas was directed by Jon Michael Bishcof who played the dino-pajama wearing kid in Don't Panic (remember him?). After watching this movie, I learned that Jon Michael Bischof not only acted a few times, but he too was a music composer around the late 80's to early 90's. This would be his main movie since he starred, produced, composed, and directed the movie. Pretty interesting stuff, eh? I also liked that he composed the music in the movie since his scores are great. If you loved the Don't Panic song, then you'll love the rap song of Ratas Nocturnas!

Short but sweet. Rats Nocturnas is worth an effort in watching. Be a "Winner" and watch it!