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Growing up in Southern California, KRCA-62 was for me (and hopefully many other people) the cheapie & sleazy Mexican tv channel with its bizarre programming and a unique selection of Mexican movie titles. Channel 62 had been the channel where I saw Herencia Diabólica and Ratas De La Ciudad. Both movies were in many ways life changing for me since those 2 were the ones that made me remember how peculiar & fascinating these 80’s & 90’s Mexican movies are. However, there is a 3rd movie that I remember I watched with my mom by chance and it was as well a life changer. I remember her watching this particular movie because she seemed quite into it and normally she would watch these movies briefly only because there was nothing else on and at the time we didn’t have cable tv. The movie she was watching was called Las 4 Narcas. I remember her being into it because it was a movie that featured 4 drug dealing ladies fighting against drug dealing men. These 4 ladies were presented as strong, smart and beautiful. They were not once presented as just objects of lust & desire. They shot men, had a good time drinking & dancing the night away, & ultimately they were just badass. Women can have fun, win and kill too.

In Las 4 Narcas, we meet Maria (Patricia Rivera), Nuria (Edna Bolkan), Delia (Diana Golden) and Lorena (Azela Robinson). All 4 ladies are in the illegal drug trade and they're quite good at it. It makes their enemies Johnny (Rafael Goyri), Fortunato (Eleazar Garcia Jr.) super envious. The 2 men try working with the 4 narcas, but the 4 narcas refuse and know that these guys are nothing but a bunch of backstabbers and greedy for power & territories. Johnny grows tiresome of going back & forth with the 4 narcas and getting shit deals and even getting his men killed by them, so he puts out a hit on all 4 of them. Naturally, the 4 narcas still fight back and nothing really stops them either. They don't mess around at all.

Las 4 Narcas is a great action/crime flick. It has plenty of gun-shooting action and with some badass women at that. The plot loosely follows the song its based on with various scenes that are in the song itself. Mostly the parts with them clubbing and shouting where they're from. All 4 actresses' are so great in this movie as well. You can tell how much fun they're all having playing these badass women and are really into the characters they're portraying. I also love the simplicity of the movie since it never really drags and everything in the movie makes sense despite it just about being drugs, violence, betrayal & power. 

The movie is pretty low-budget of course and it seems the movie is filmed in 3-4 locations that are clearly not far from each other. Los Pumas Del Norte, the band that made the narcocorrido popular, star in the movie as themselves. Their acting skills are far from perfect, but they try at least and mostly play music anyway. They do however get in the final battle of the movie and that was very interesting to see. Los Pumas were clearly loyal to the 4 narcas. Patricia Rivera was my favorite Narca in the movie since she's such an amazing actress. Her playing the leader Maria was perfect since she definitely looks like the leading type. Edna Bolkan was the 2nd in command and she was great as well and so dreamy looking too (!!).

It's not exactly hard to get a DVD of Las 4 Narcas since its readily available on Amazon. However, the DVD is manufactured horribly with the audio out of sync and the copy I have doesn't even read the disc properly near the end of the movie. Super bummed when I got it years ago and it took me so long to get a VHS copy for it since it is pretty rare. At least in my eyes that is.

There's plenty of other movies with narcas in them from around the late 90's to early 2000's, but I feel Las 4 Narcas is the superior one since it stars the 4 ladies that were in most of these narca movies. It's the defining one really. It has ladies with guns, drugs, & power. They win. The men lose. They can party hard as well. They also get a badass song written about them, too. 

I took the liberty of translating the 4 Narcas corrido to English so you can understand how awesome this song is. Listen to the song in the first clip below.

At a club in San Jose, 4 ladies arrived.
I don't know if it's true but they say they're narcas..
with boots & hats, they were beautiful in person..
They entered The Tropicana, a famous nightclub and started to drink only imported tequila.
They requested the bands to only play only the badass songs.
the nightclub was packed,
not one more soul could fit inside.
It was Los Pumas Del Norte who were playing that night,
They were all having a good time at their reserved table.

They've been seen in San Francisco,
Los Angeles & Tijuana,
Stockton & Sacramento,
Reno, Nevada as well.
They're always at nightclub to nightclub,
spending their good cash.

One of them stood up & shouted "Hooray Chihuahua!"
The other was from Sinaloa,
The third is from Michoacan,
the fourth is from Jalisco,
She shouted it so proudly.

They're always driving in 2 vehicles,
Brand new & customized..
Inside are their machine guns,
pistols & even grenades.
The police have seen them but they never tell them a thing.

To me, The 4 Narcas are undercover working for the DEA,
looking for "La Colombiana" at all the nightclubs and the private parties.

Be careful with beautiful women,
the more beautiful they are, the more dangerous they are.
So many have lost their heads over them.

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