Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Jorge Reynoso Halloween.

Like The Sinful Dwarf, Hasta Que El Sol Se Oculte (aka "Until The Sun Goes Down") tells the story of a married couple who have just rented a room in a big ol' strange house which is in charged by an old man in a wheelchair, his young brother who's a pervert & has a ponytail, and an old lady who appears to be a companion to the old man. So then ya know, the couple move in the house, have sex, the ponytail guy peeps at them through a little hole in the door, and the wife begins to feel uncomfortable in the house since the ponytail guy creeps her out and she hears noises through the walls. The noises coming from the walls are of course cries of the women that are locked up in a secret room. The ponytail guy has these poor women locked up in this secret room because he has them as heroin-addicted sex slaves! When the woman's husband leaves town because of work, she is then left alone at the house and the ponytail guy right away gets her locked up in that secret room of his so she can be a new addition to the heroin-addicted sex slave ring.

Jorge Reynoso, where are you? Go look for your niece! She needs you! Bring that big ol’ gun of yours over to that weird house and save her! Please!

I really want to speak to the creators of Hasta Que El Sol Se Oculte because this movie is soooooo, sooo weird! First off all, why is the VHS cover for the movie so action looking? Why is the description in the back of the cover so misleading? (group of cops search for a kidnapped woman in South America) Now the big question of all is why is the opening credits a montage of old Jorge Reynoso movies? What the hell is going on here?! Were they trying to make an action movie but then ended up making a sleazy little horror thriller with the same plot as Sinful Dwarf? I need an explanation for all this. Seriously.

As weird as this movie is, I actually really like it. Sure it's just a rip-off of Sinful Dwarf, but it's still quite fun to watch. Although it is missing a dwarf though. I guess they couldn't get Margarito Esparza to play their dwarf? Even though the opening credits is really random, I loved it! I mean come on now, Jorge Reynoso is awesome! Ya gotta love his mufasa hairstyle and his awesome way of firing guns! Then you also gotta love that Halloween witch decoration that appears through out the movie. Its eyes glow red and plays creepy music. Man, where can I get that witch at? I need one!

Hasta Que El Sol Se Oculte is such a fun Mexican horror/thriller/sleaze to watch on Halloween. I want you all to watch it. Really, I do. Look for it or somethin'. Okay?

Nothing says Happy Halloween like Jorge Reynoso firing guns and a witch with red glowing eyes.