Thursday, October 11, 2018

Midnight Killer.

In a dirty alley in East LA, Vietnam vet Roy (Xorge Noble) is cooking up heroin in an ice cream scoop. Roy's only friend Carlos (Rodolfo Infante) finds him and takes him into his home to get better and to be off the mean streets. Carlos & Roy were in 'Nam together and struggled together in that hellish war. Roy unfortunately got addicted to heroin after recovering from his war injuries, and his addiction worsened when his wife was brutally raped & murdered. While Roy struggles with trying to kick the habit, Carlos is out working on his latest report for the local paper. He usually does politics, but Carlos decides to pursue a report on a string of murders that are happening around town. A masked psycho is killing random people out in the streets late at night. Carlos insinuates that perhaps Roy is the individual out late at night killing considering he blacks out a lot and comes home with bloody clothing. Could Roy actually be the killer? Or it someone just close to him trying to frame him?

Back in 2015, I wrote about Xorge Noble’s Invocación Satanica and the expectations I had for it weren’t exactly really met, but this time around Xorge Noble brought me the slasher I been wanting to see from him. Asesino De Medianoche (aka "Midnight Killer") is a great SOV slasher. It has some very interesting characters for sure. Carlos and Roy are both some strange individuals with fascinating & even some realistic characteristics. Roy is obviously doomed & hopeless but even then you feel really sorry for him. Carlos tries to act like he is totally normal and fine, but the reality of him is he’s just totally egotistical and pretty damn mean to his wife & even to Roy, despite saying he wants to help him & all. He’s clearly a fucked up individual as well because of that damn war. He also has a very unusual hairstyle and that alone just makes him more weird.

Being a slasher of course, yes we get kills and there’s even some blood. Our killer wears a creepy black ski mask and holds up a knife and stabs the victims with no mercy. Beautiful, right? The movie is however super dark often considering it was filmed mostly at night and hardly any lights were really used, but honestly it was no problem for me because it’s clearly low budget as hell and it being dark just gives it more of a sleazy feel. Speaking of sleazy feels; the entire movie’s tone is just sleazy as hell since everyone is totally bitter & bizarre and even the setting of the movie is just sleazy as hell looking. East LA is beautiful, but some of that beauty can be sleazy and grimy as well. I love it.

Asesino De Medianoche is a wonderful SOV slasher movie. It meets those expectations everyone wants and its kept short but very sweet. Or in this case, very sleazy. The movie doesn’t go dull and surprisingly there’s not a whole lot of banda/norteño music playing in the movie as expected with a Xorge Noble/Jorge Gomez movie. If you thought you’ve seen every SOV slasher/horror movie, well think again. I’m pretty sure Asesino De Medianoche has fallen under your radar. Check it out. Worth every minute. I promise. 7/10. Watch the movie for FREE HERE Courtesy of producer/actor Jorge Gomez. Tell him I sent ya.

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