Thursday, December 7, 2023

"La Primera Película Mexicana Filmada En Este Género."

It is said in the E. Roman book “El Cine Pornografico Mexicano De Los ‘90” that on August 26, 1993, the Mexican distribution company “Cinematográfica Veracruz” seeks permission from the RTC to theatrically exhibit the first ever Mexican pornographic film Las Profesoras Del Amor (roughly translating as "The Instructors of Love")which was filmed in 1988. Cinematográfica Veracruz was then granted permission for screening (it is permitted for 42 weeks) & given a rating of “D”, which in Mexico is “Adults Only”. Las Profesoras Del Amor was then screening in several theaters in Mexico City beginning on October 28, 1993 and from there the other Angel Rodriguez Vazquez-directed pornographic films were granted permission for theatrical exhibition and then they totally just disappear over time, including their rare home video releases in the USA. 

These Angel Rodriguez Vazquez’s pornographic films are very obscure considering how they’re only known through the E. Roman book and no other such documentation of them can be found. Not even the biggest experts in adult films know of these films, let alone have even seen them. I was fortunate several years back to have acquired a copy of the 2nd film El Despertar Del Sexo and I knew eventually I would find copies of the others and sure enough I have gotten the first film. The first full-length pornographic feature from Mexico that is. Las Profesoras Del Amor was the first one made and the first to be screened theatrically. 

Wrestling promoter “Santini” (Arturo Santini) has a meeting with 2 luchadores “La Sombra” (Alfonso Herrera) & “El Malacara” (Rafael Santo) who are to be in a big match for the championship title. Santini wants Sombra & Malacara to purposely lose the match and he will compensate them for this, but of course the two competitive luchadores decline the offer. Santini then proposes to them to use his luxurious mansion in Cuernavaca to train for the match and they take that offer instead. Santini of course uses this opportunity to get both men in one place where they will be catered by a line of prostitutes that will distract them from training for the match & wear them the hell out by having sex with them. 

Las Profesoras Del Amor plays out like a cheap sex comedy, just with real sex involved of course. After the first 20 minutes of quirky/humorous dialogue, 1 corny ranchera song number and kind of getting to know all the characters (3 of them being humbling workers of the Cuernavaca mansion), the film immediately goes full-on pornographic with showing dicks getting sucked, pussy getting eaten & plenty of penetrating from left to right and up & down. The girls in Las Profesoras Del Amor are fairly attractive, especially the first one introduced, whom is Velma Collins—a familiar face in the Mexican vedette scene of the 1980's. After 40-some minutes of raunchy sex sessions, a sexual pool game dream scene & a very dark threesome scene, we are taken back to some more quirky/humorous moments, more ranchera song numbers and an ending with sleaze-ball Santini in a threesome. His dick never gets hard, despite receiving a blowjob firsthand. Yikes.

Las Profesoras Del Amor doesn’t have much of a plot nor do we ever get treated to some wrestling action despite having 2 luchador characters, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad film at all. It’s quite an intriguing watch for a pornographic film, especially it being made in Mexicoa country that had no actual pornographic film productions in those days. If the sex scenes were removed or edited in some way, Las Profesoras Del Amor would literally be like any other cheap sex comedy from that era, particularly like Las Nenas Del Amor—a sex comedy that has a similar cheap tone & directed by Angel Rodriguez Vazquez as well. 

If given the opportunity, give Las Profesoras Del Amor a watch. You might enjoy it for what it is and/or even get off on it. Whatever it may be, director Angel Rodriguez Vazquez did his job and that was to direct a film that would be watchable and would sell. After all, the old man himself had said he never really got to work on anything he wanted to do, he just took on all the directorial jobs offered to him and in a crazy turn of events, Angel just happened to have directed the first 3 Mexican pornographic films. Did he know? Of course he did! And again, it was all just for work y nada más.

image from Velma Collins' facebook page

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Hunting a Nagual.

In a small town in the state of Morelos, a local brujo (warlock) “Tobias” is blamed for the death & failed birth of a man’s wife & child. The man is told by the local doctor “Jose Luis” (Rafael Sanchez Navarro) that this was all simply a tragic medical incident, but the man insists it was Tobias who caused this to happen and this leads to killing him. Tobias being a warlock & all—doesn’t die. Oh, not at all. Tobias resurrects as a Nagual that is going to kill anyone in town that crosses his path. With the Nagual now leaving a long trail of blood—the local priest, a cop & the local doctor set out to stop the Nagual all while everyone else in town insist it’s just one of their own citizens doing this. 

Cazador De Demonios ("Demon Hunter") is a fairly unique Mexican horror film with a slumbering small-town setting & using a Nahuatl superstition to a different level. The Nahuatl superstition I speak of is having a “Nagual” as the adversary. And what is a “Nagual” exactly? A Nagual is a shapeshifter that takes form into a spiritual creature and in the case of Cazador De Demonios, it is a wolf creature—or a werewolf. 

Cazador De Demonios delivers some interesting kills (off-screen & on) and feature plenty of blood in them as well. All the bloody kills are provided by the Nagual of course, which we don’t really get much of a glimpse of up until the very end of the film. However, not seeing much of the Nagual isn’t a bad thing because it enhances the suspense of it all. Sometimes the things you don’t get to see are truly the most terrifying. 

The pacing of Cazador De Demonios can be slow at times, but keep in mind that this is a film that is exploring small town life & its citizens doubting anything going wrong in their every day life, that is of course until they finally realize something indeed is going on, but they go with all the local chismes (gossip) rather than actual factors. While the town citizens try to find someone to easily to blame—the local priest, a local cop & the sole medical practitioner in town are in the know of what’s really going on and they try their hardest to end this creature’s blood lust. It even goes as far as the priest turning some silver from the church into a bullets which he believes will rid of the Nagual. It is incredible. The built up of our protagonists trying to rid of the adversary is quite intriguing and so worth watching. 

Legendary Mexican actor Tito Junco plays the priest of the film and it was his last role in a full-length feature film as he unfortunately passed away right after the film was done shooting in 1983 (the film was released until 1987). Tito did very well here and it’s truly a memorable role of hisin the final part of his career. 

When was the last time you watched a film about a Nagual? Probably never, thus why you must check out Cazador De Demonios. It is a moody & atmospheric gem from the 1980’s. Truly one of its kind as well.