Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Los Temerarios strike again.

3 years after Sueño y Realidad, Los Temerarios return to the big screen with a much more different & more dramatic movie starring themselves and they all get involved with some very bad people!

La Mujer De Los Dos (aka "The Woman for Two") opens up 6 years prior to when Los Temerarios became popular. They used to perform with a bad-tempered dude named Ricardo (Roberto Palazuelos). When the band separate themselves from him: Ricardo’s anger grows and basically becomes psychotic. He performs in front of mannequins in his kitchen pretending it's a big concert and he beats up a Los Temerarios promoter to death. After receiving some psychiatric help, Ricardo still holds a grudge against Los Temerarios and wants revenge on all of them! He then does anything to harm them & ultimately decides to kill them all himself!!

Los Temerarios manager Francisco (Hugo Stiglitz) tells Adolfo Angel he should consider settling down with a nice girl and at first Adolfo brushes the idea off since he likes being a bachelor, but he then meets a beautiful photographer named Ana (Elizabeth Katz) and both instantly fall in love with each other. Of course, Ana is too good to be true and that is because she’s married to a much older man (Wolf Ruvinskis) & he also just happens to be a powerful drug trafficker with no mercy. When the truth is revealed: Adolfo tries to keep away from Ana, but she refuses to let him go.

Gustavo Angel dates the girl of his dreams whom is addicted to drugs and he tries to help her kick the addiction. Conflict arises when her drug dealing ex-boyfriend (Gerardo Vigil) comes back into her life and an affair soon begins!

La Mujer De Los Dos is very different from their first movie since this one deals with crime and has quite a bit of violence in it and plenty of nudity as well. This movie wasn’t made for the entire family for sure. This was strictly only for the grown ups and of course the reason behind this is because it was directed by Gilberto Martinez Solares and his son Adolfo Martinez Solares. Both men are well-known for directing those classic 80’s sex comedies and Gilberto directing some of the El Santo movies & other wild stuff back in those days.

 I really like this Temerarios movie more than the first movie. Not to say the first movie is any less good, but this one is just not as innocent as the first one was and I do love crime in movies, so this definitely kept me intrigued from beginning to end. It was also interesting to see the group getting into some very heavy drama.

La Mujer De Los Dos is pretty obscure to find these days considering any DVD of it is long out of print and a VHS copy naturally being scarce. It’s a rarity for sure and one to definitely keep an eye out for. It’s worth a watch big time! Do check it out if you can. 8/10.

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