Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Intimate Diary of a Cabaret Woman.

a young woman named Martha (Lina Santos) begins to write in a diary of her promising career at the cabaret where she performs. She’s also gotten the attention of the cabaret owner Marcelo, who’s a well-off & good looking man. They begin an intimate relationship and this leads to Martha getting pregnant with identical twin girls. Marcelo disapproves of her getting pregnant, so he decides to leave her & go back with his wife instead, thus leaving Martha all by herself and her direction in life going nowhere at this point. Just before her brutal suicide, Martha leaves her twin baby girls at an orphanage where they are immediately adopted by 2 different set of parents.

Jessica is the fortunate twin since she grows up with a lot of love around her & also very successful in her studies. Angelica is the unfortunate twin since her adopted father abandons her & her adopted mother is very neglectful, so this of course leads to heavy behavioral problems.

As adults, Jessica & Angelica (played both by Angelica Chain) both live very different lifestyles. Jessica marries the man of her dreams (Pedro Infante Jr) & also helps run a women’s prison along with her husband. Angelica lives life on the streets and tries to get easy money by getting herself hit by cars & lying to lawyers saying she’s more hurt than she is. When Angelica meets a well-mannered man (played by Cesar Bono & for whatever reason his voice dubbed over to a much masculine voice), he offers her a job at his coin shop & they later end up marrying. When it becomes clear that Angelica only wants her husband for his money; she kills him by accident, but realizes she’ll inherit his money and so she stages his murder & even goes to extreme measures to make it credible by having a bomb set up at the house! Angelica then later meets a wealthy rancher (Hugo Stiglitz) who she too plans to marry & murder to get all his money!

I must say, El Diario Intimo De Una Cabaretera is one sleazy & tragic movie written & directed by the great Gilberto Martinez Solares. While the movie can be categorized as a melodrama, it’s just not exactly your typical melodrama since the movie is full of strong, sleazy sexual situations & brutal violence. When someone is being killed, it’s brutal & bloody. One guy gets a meat hook to the neck and the other a fire poker to the head. Remember when I mentioned the mother of the twins Martha commits suicide? She cuts herself in the bathtub. Any scene with wrists being slit always give me the damn chills.

At the prison where Jessica works at, the prison is full of corrupt individuals working inside prostituting some of the prisoners & also allowing drugs smuggled in for sale. There is a scene where a huge prison cell is full of naked woman having sex with each other along with a guard who has ties a powerful criminal. It’s a ridiculously sleazy scene, but nonetheless a signature of the later work of Gilberto Martinez Solares. The other sleazy scene is when Angelica picks up on 2 guys & both men have at it with her all while Los Joao’s “Vamos A La Playa” plays loud on the radio. Angelica of course robs both men after screwing their brains out. Lovely isn’t she?

I could go on with more of the sleazy shit that happens in El Diario Intimo De Una Cabaretera, but I rather you watch it to believe everything you just read on here. This movie is a good time all around & delivers plenty of violence & sex to whet your appetite for such things. My only complaint of the movie is the rather deceiving title since it gives you the idea that the movie will be about a woman writing in her diary & the entries being narrated by her. While that does happen in the beginning, that premise pretty much ends when Martha kills herself. Afterwards, the movie is narrated by a lawyer who grows obsessed with Angelica. He basically narrates the rest of the movie and his character almost seems rather pointless since he only pop up from time to time & talks of Angelica in a light kind of way since it’s clear he really wants to be with her. He still however points out the bad parts about her. It’s such a strange concept for this sort of random character, but the movie still came out good regardless of that.

I also can’t forget to mention this would be one of Angelica Chain’s last movies ever before she ended her movie career in 1990. Angelica Chain really went all out in this movie and to be playing 2 roles yet again for the Martinez Solares' (she previously played dual roles in Adolfo Martinez Solares’ El Día De Los Albañiles 2 & 3). We see a lot of Angelica in this movie and I mean a lot of her! She has the most gorgeous body ever & the face of an angel basically. The movie camera loves her and us fans of her love her too. Every second of Angelica is never a waste. She is truly a beautiful woman.

El Diario Intimo De Una Cabaretera is an entertaining movie from beginning to end. Despite the weird lawyer character, everything else in the movie is pretty damn good. It’s a good watch for if you’re ever in the mood for something sleazy & dramatic as hell. Give it a watch sometime and surely you will not be disappointed. 8/10.