Sunday, December 18, 2022

Preying Dogs.

What was supposed to be a fun Acapulco getaway for 2 families turns into an absolute nightmare when 5 escaped convicts invade a beach cabin where the families are staying at. These 5 escaped convicts are brutal murderers & sexual offenders and just before the cabin invasion, they killed a local man and brutally raped his wife & daughters who were just trying to aide them. The leading escaped convict Arnulfo chooses to go to the beach cabin because it is a place where his uncle had told him about and sure enough Arnulfo’s uncle is there alongside the 2 families staying as guests. When Arnulfo is revealed to be a cold-blooded murderer & sick pedophile—Arnulfo brutally kills his uncle and holds up everyone else hostage!

Los Fugitivos (Perros De Presa) (roughly translated as "Fugitives: Preying Dogs") is one mean as fuck movie. You’d think this is just going to be another action-crime thriller, but this one takes things much farther than the norm with its brutal violence & assaults caused by some of the sickest antagonists ever. The antagonists are played by Agustin Bernal, Omar Fierro and Salvador Pineda and these 3 in particular can be play good guys, but they can also play very bad guys as well. All 3 men play vile criminals who just want to get away from Acapulco, but also want to 'get off' as well which is why they immediately go after any woman they come across. Salvador Pineda plays Arnulfo and he is revealed to be a gay man, but also a pedophile as well. He forces one of the convicts into oral sex (a scene that isn’t shown, but clearly indicated) and when Arnulfo comes across the adolescent boy staying at the beach cabinhe caresses his face & hopes to have his way with him. It’s all so unsettling to see this.. 

With sick antagonists like these, only a really strong-headed protagonist can beat them and sure enough we got the strong-fatherly figure Fernando played by Andres Garcia who remains calm for the most part, but once he gets the chance to fight, he fights back really, really hard. Everyone else in the movie also try to fight back, but mostly try to survive & escape this carnage and it is all very intense to see! I also can’t forget to mention how awful the lawmen in this movie are because once they snatched up a couple of escapees & even killed somethey give up on searching for the remaining escaped convicts (the most brutal ones) & lie to Fernando by saying that there’s no danger in the area he’s staying at. Eesh.  

Los Fugitivos (Perros De Presa) was directed by Andres Garcia and this was his sole-credited directorial work and I must say he did a pretty swell job at it. He managed to direct, write, produce & star in such a fucked up & intense movie. I could only wonder why Andres didn’t make more movies during this time of his career because he truly proved he could do it all and so well, too. What more could he have brought upon after Perros De Presa?

Every minute of Los Fugitivos (Perros De Presa) is never wasted and will keep you in shock & intrigued all the way through. This one is rough stuff, so keep an open-mind & prepare to see some sick fucks doing fucked up shit to innocent people.