Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop Sucking Corporate Cock.

You know what's funny? A hat that says "Stop Sucking Corporate Cock". Jorge Luke wears this particular hat in Maxima Violencia. You know what's not funny? Jorge Luke invading your home, yelling & crying at you for no apparent reason, telling you to marry an elephant, and forcing you to cook meat & soup. He wears that hat and does all that crazy shit in Maxima Violencia.

In Maxima Violencia (aka "Maximum Violence"), a woman is assaulted in her own car by a psychopath (Jorge Luke). After getting away from the psycho, the woman doesn't call the police because she feels there is no proof of the assault and she feels very ashamed about it. Not telling anyone about the assault was a huge mistake because this psychopath got a hold of the woman's wallet which of course contains her driver's license (uh-oh!). Day after the assault, the psychopath forces himself into the woman's home and acts crazy as fuck with her! The psycho calls himself "papi". The woman somehow scared papi to death. That's not good at all! Papi then acts perverted with the poor woman and tells her the stupidest things anyone could ever say. For example, he tells her: "I love little bears so much!", "Wouldn't you like to marry an elephant?". After telling her more stupid shit involving animals, he goes on about how much he loves meat & soup and he also goes on about how much he hates cheese (seriously). From there, the movie just gets weirder, funnier, and extremely uncomfortable.

Maxima Violencia is a wild ride. It starts off crazy, gets crazier, gets a little more crazier, then it ends all fucked up. The ending is a real bummer. I'm not gonna spoil it much, but let's just say we find out why this man is crazy as fuck. His childhood wasn't exactly great. Shoot, he didn't even have a childhood. It was pretty much taken away by his abusive/alcoholic stepmother. The song that plays in the end is depressing, it's all sad sounding and shit (of course). Speaking of music, the stock music that plays throughout the movie is cheap but crazy sounding. It blends in very well with the movie! After all, the movie is cheap but crazy as fuck.

Yeah, this movie is flat out crazy. Funny sometimes. Depressing as fuck in the end. Maxima Violencia is definitely worth a look. Unfortunately, this movie is not easy to acquire. I hope you find a copy somewhere! Good Luck!


Stop Sucking Corporate Cock. PLEASE!



Christopher said...

Everybody involved in the Occupy movement should be required to wear that guys hat! Epic!

Girl on Gore said...

Haha. Thats fantastic. I have to see this.

Armando H. said...

Both of you:


raculfright_13 & Jorge Luke

Aaron said...

"invading your home, yelling & crying at you for no apparent reason, telling you to marry an elephant, and forcing you to cook meat & soup"

Hmm... sounds like me while drunk at an ex-girlfriends house on more than one occasion. Also, I WILL get a custom-made hate that says Stop Sucking Corporate Cock. Good find, rf_13!