Thursday, February 11, 2021

A Pervert.

We’re always gonna have crushes on celebrities. Some of these “crushes” can go from liking all their posts on Instagram & viewing their stories constantly or in the case of Sergio Vejar’s Perversion, masturbating to pictures of your celeb crush, dry-humping pictures of your celeb crush, killing your celeb crush, dating a look-a-like of your celeb crush and eventually keeping her locked up in a dingy basement. Some of you fanatics are sick fucks! 

A wealthy man by the name of Armando (Sebastian Ligarde) has lived a secluded life. No friends and no family. He keeps to himself because the only person he wants in his life is a famous actress named “Carla”. Carla has been an obsession of his since he was a boy since he considers her the most beautiful & classiest woman in the world. Armando is so obsessed with Carla that he masturbates to her pictures constantly and even buys ladies undergarments so he can rub himself against them as if he were close to her. It’s also hinted he may or have not had actually killed Carla prior to his arrival to Mexico City. A bank teller by the name of Sandra (Lina Santos) meets Armando one day and he grows obsessed with her since she’s a dead ringer for Carla. They then begin to date and Armando eventually holds Sandra hostage so he can have “Carla” all to himself forever!  

“What a sick fuck and you’re a sick fuck too. Can we watch Bob’s Burgers instead?” said the girl I brought over to watch Sergio Vejar’s Perversion; a movie buried in obscurity & relatively unknown. I didn’t even know about it myself up until I acquired a copy of it a while back and was astonished at how rare it is and there’s zero info on it anywhere. It seems like many of Sergio Vejar’s later movies just came out on video and just disappeared afterwards. Copies of it sitting in video stores & eventually thrown away or buried in someone’s garage. Luckily one of those copies is in my possession now where it'll be kept safe & sound. Ahh, preservation..

I will admit, but I did not quite get into Perversion as much at first. It sort of goes by slow and then at times I was just really not into Sebastian Ligarde’s character at all. Despite how intriguingly sick & twisted he was; he was still a very irritable character. After a couple of more viewings I warmed up more to Perversion and grew to like it. What also got me into in the movie was noticing how despite it being low-budget as heck, Sergio Vejar still managed to tell a well thought-out twisted story of obsession and he is no stranger to these kinds of stories since he made Las Mariposas Disecadas and several years before Perversion, Vejar had made a movie called Asesinato A Sangre Fría with Susana Dosamantes playing a “writer” obsessed with a little girl. What's with Sergio Vejar making movies about crazy freaks like these? Hmm.

Perversion manages to show us a very perverse man who goes farther than he should to get what he wants. He also shows that he’s not necessarily “in love” with his victims, he just wants to get off on them. Simple as that. Sebastian Ligarde plays this sick deviant very well and he’s a natural at playing these crazy roles since he gets into them big time, but like I said before, despite being intriguingly sick & twisted; he was so annoying and I just wanted this dude to either die or get arrested already. He wasn’t some victim plagued by troubles but an actual creep with a superiority complex. I hate people like that so much. Ugh. Lina Santos is naturally excellent as usual and it’s also great that they used a lot of her photographs & a video clip from when she was in the music group Las Tropicosas. Ahh Lina, so talented and so beautiful! No wonder to this very day she still has some ridiculously crazy fans. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. 

Perversion is a Sergio Vejar rarity worth looking out for. You may like it, you may not. Whatever the case, the movie is still worth a look and it’s always special to see a not so easy to find title no matter the circumstances.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Fatal Triangle.

I once took a trip out to Myrtle Beach to unwind from my stressful life where I fell for an intriguing lass living there by the name of Marina. Mac DeMarco’s “My Kind Of Woman” would often play in my head whenever I was with Marina as she was... My kind of woman. Marina was so fascinating to me, as well as to my friend Marco whom later joined me on this trip. As the days went by, it turns out Marco was having his way with Marina physically and I only bonded with her on a supposed emotional level. What a clusterfuck of a triangle I got myself into. Us 2 guys after 1 woman who seems to be both into us. Ugh. This whole ordeal ironically reminded me of a Jorge Araujo movie I had watched several years back. It is also a movie that some weirdo assumed was a slasher for whatever reason. Ugh.

Talented musician Manuel (Miguel Angel Rodriguez) is seeing a therapist to recover from his addictions to drugs & alcohol. He's heavily traumatized from his past since he was exposed to drugs & other bad things at a very young age. Manuel and his therapist (Elizabeth Aguilar) take a vacation out to the seashore town where he grew up as a way to face his demons once & for all. Manuel enjoys his vacation even more so when he meets the lovely & innocent-looking Dulce (Rocio Vazquez). The 2 hit it right off and with the arrival of Manuel’s old friend German (Marco Treviño), it seems this vacation will go more well than anticipated. Well, some things are too good to be true when German and Dulce begin a strong sexual affair all while Manuel struggles with his recovery! It’s not that Dulce really wants to be with German; it’s the fact that German is blackmailing her for sex because he knows much more about Dulce than Manuel actually does! 

Triangulo Fatal (aka "Fatal Triangle") felt like something that Ariel Fernandez would write, but this was all Jorge Araujo’s idea along with a woman by the name of Claudia Oceguera. The reason I mention Ariel Fernandez is because Triangulo Fatal is a very sexual movie and and if you’re familiar with Ariel's work such as Por Un Salvaje Amor and La Playa Del Deseo; then you’ll know exactly what I mean. But again, this was all an idea by director Jorge Araujo and he can be quite sexual for his movies as well with a prime example in Sadico Amor

Triangulo Fatal is a movie that I expected to find mildly amusing, but I liked it more than I thought. It’s has an interesting story and the cast is really good as well. Miguel Angel Rodriguez is a wonderful actor when he plays dramatic roles and here he stands out quite a bit and Marco Treviño plays a wonderful pervert per usual. Marco Treviño is familiar with these type of roles since he’s been in those Ariel Fernandez movies after all. Isn’t it weird he’s in this movie that is almost similar to the works of Ariel? Gosh, there must be some small connection going on here and I cannot for the life of me find it... Ugh. Rocio Vazquez (aka Rocío Visseti) is also wonderful to see here since she’s absolutely gorgeous and before playing a victim of abuse in Sadico Amor; here she plays a victim of blackmail and tortured by the fact that she’s betraying her true love in life. Ahhh, romance sucks so much, doesn’t it? Ugh. 

I said “ugh” a lot in this review but I meant it well in frustration. Anyways, Triangulo Fatal is an intriguing watch and while it’s not exactly easy to find, it is worth seeking out for. Jorge Araujo once again brings a movie of his for me to enjoy. I love this guy's movies and you should all watch his movies as well.

Also, that Marina girl from Myrtle Beach stalks my Twitter to this very day and never speaks to me. Ugh. And my old friend Marco? I think he died. Ugh. Yes.