Friday, May 25, 2018

Resurrected to Kill.

Gym class was always the worst. You have to run first thing every morning, play a sport or do an exercise that you weren’t even good at, the cute as hell girl you like in the class wouldn’t give you the time of day & the more athletic boys were annoyingly competitive at everything in the class. That’s pretty much what Resucitare Para Matarlos (aka "Resurrected To Kill") is all about, except someone dies and they come back... For revenge.

Meet Juan Carlos (Andreas Pears). A shy orphaned boy who’s joining his school soccer team by the encouragement of his gym teacher. It isn’t exactly going well though since Juan Carlos’ teammates always pick on him and he’s not very good at soccer or exercising either. After a terrible practice in gym class, all the guys wash up in the locker room and poor Juan Carlos is once again bullied, but this time it turns deadly since he’s left in the hot showers for a pretty damn long time & dies. The bullies remember about Juan Carlos after passing out drunk from drinking rum & cokes and find his lifeless body in the showers. Fearing they’ll be thrown in prison for murder; the bullies decide to just abandon Juan Carlos’ body in the forest. Once they do that, strange things start to happen! Demonic strange things!

Resucitare Para Matarlos is like the most 90’s movie ever. Which of course it is but barely considering it’s from 1990. The beginning of the bizarre decade for Mexican cinema. This movie is not only so 90’s but so, so, so cheesy & predictable. Like most horror movies from that decade of course! It is fun though. A lot of fun actually. It is very simple in plot and the characters you either love em' or hate em'. Juan Carlos you feel sympathy for and once he’s back from the dead you will root for him because the bullies you’ll just loathe and want them to die! As for Beto the soccer coach/gym teacher (Miguel Angel Rodriguez); he’s a good guy and apparently very appealing to a young lady that one of the bullies is sorta dating. Weird. She's also the girl Juan Carlos lusts after in class. She's not even all that great looking either, so I was confused by this one girl getting all this attention whereas there was plenty of other girls in the movie who were bomb as fuck looking. Oh, well though.

The highlight of the movie is when of course Juan Carlos goes full-blown demon on his bullies and hacks them up. The face ripping scene is amazing. Armando Araiza never looked the same again. The movie ends very confusing though and that was a letdown. I was very confused by it and I cannot figure it out after 3 viewings. Maybe a caguama would help me figure it out or maybe some cocaine. I don’t know. One of my favorite non-horror scenes of the movie is when Luis Gatica gets in his car after burying Juan Carlos’ body and the 80's classic "I Just Died In Your Arms" starts to play as he drives off. Was it intentional? I don’t know, but damn it's fucking hilarious.

Resucitare Para Matarlos is what I like to call Don’t Panic’s little brother because both movies sorta had that same horror tone and same kind of cornball characters. Of course, Don’t Panic is so 80's, has more blood, features a young man wearing dinosaur pajamas and more demon action whereas Resucitare has less blood, Armando Araiza wearing a weird Looney Tunes sweatshirt, Miguel Angel Rodriguez wearing a "The Dream Team" Nike jacket and a demon that could of done so much more if given more time. Still, if you’re a fan of of Ruben Galindo Jr’s movies, this one will not disappoint.

Strange though how out of all Ruben Galindo Jr’s movies, this one seems to be the rarest considering his other movies are on DVD and easily acquirable. Well, then again there’s El Psicopata Asesino which is also pretty rare, but  Resucitare Para Matarlos is like way harder to come by. Once I saw the chance to scoop up a copy, I did so and so should you.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Best Bloody Revenge Ever.

After Johnny (Guillermo Lagunes) returns from the Gulf War, he loses his wife & daughter to AIDS. The traumatic events from the war & the tragic loss of his family really mess Johnny up mentally.  He hates the world for what it has done to him. After all that’s happened, Johnny hops on his motorcycle to Mexico to be with his beloved father. Along the way, he is assaulted by some prejudice dudes who aren’t kindly to him & steal his bike! Johnny manages to find one of the dudes and smashes a bottle to the guy’s head, leaves a note that says “Viva Mexico Cabrones” & rides away. Amazing, right?

Johnny then settles at his father’s ranch and things seem to be going okay and he even meets a stripper (Viviana Rey) who is the spitting image of his wife (Vivana Rey plays both the wife & stripper). He’s attracted to her big time and wants her so bad. They end up together and Johnny is once again getting better. The owner of the strip club where Johnny’s girl works at is a big time criminal named Roberto (Jorge Luke). Roberto is devilish looking & well respected by his people. He walks into his club, takes a sip of a drink, his stripper girls then walk toward him for a warm welcoming. Roberto is a fucking badass.

One day near the ranch, Johnny spots Roberto and some other criminals meeting up, Roberto’s people catch him and aren’t happy that an outsider spotted this sketchy ass meeting, so they plan to kill him. Roberto’s people then enter the ranch one night & they kill his poor innocent father since Johnny was at his girl's house at the time. After the burial of Johnny’s father, Johnny is once again angry at the world and only has one thing on his mind: Revenge. Bloody Revenge.

Okay first of all, Venganza Sangrienta (aka "Bloody Revenge") has to be one of the coolest fucking movies ever. Second, the movie has a great cast that play their characters so wonderfully. Third, Jorge Luke is literally a stealer of scenes playing Roberto because Roberto is like one of the greatest villains ever. 4th, Johnny’s girlfriend & Roberto’s main girl are some pretty hot babes. Seriously. Even though Johnny’s girl wears some crazy ass outfits, she is one attractive woman for sure. Paty Muñoz playing Roberto’s main girl is like the best thing ever. Paty is one amazing woman & she is big time eye candy! Yes!

The other great thing(s) about Venganza Sangrienta is the action & violence. Johnny knows how to kick ass & prove a point. His first victim loses his head at the cemetery and the other is buried and his head burned. The now severed head then gets delivered to Roberto just when he’s about to bang some random stripper of his. The next victim of this bloody revenge gets fucked up by Johnny and a cleaning lady's fingernails, then he gets hit by a truck. After that guy is killed, we see a sign that says "dumping trash is prohibited on this road", Johnny mutters the best line ever of the movie; "Very well. We got to cooperate with the environment." Beautiful scene. I cried. There’s also a crazy wet dream scene with Johnny and his girlfriend. She’s dancing, water is poured on her, then we go erotic fantasy mode and it gets super slow & erotic from there! The final confrontation between Johnny & Roberto is also amazing. It is a must see for sure because of the huge tension it has & the ridiculous cheesy stock music playing in the background. I cried again.

Venganza Sangrienta is a must see. It is entertaining from start to finish, has some awesome characters, has a very good plot and of course it has Jorge Luke playing one of his best mid-90’s roles ever since 45 Expansiva. Long live Roberto. Guillermo Lagunes’ plays the best role of his obscure & intriguing career. Johnny is forever in my heart. This Bloody Revenge succeeded big time. 8/10.