Thursday, December 17, 2020

Ruben Galindo's Ficheras Movie.

In my Bellas De Noche review, I mention how it was the defining movie of the Ficheras genre and many emulated that movie with their very own Ficheras flick. Ruben Galindo after various melodramas & crime/action flicks had decided to mettle in the Ficheras genre with Cuentos Colorados ("Colorful Stories"). After all, T&A was selling big time back then and why wouldn’t Ruben want to profit off this? After all, he wasn’t just a wonderful filmmaker, he was a businessman as well. 

A quirky man called Chupies (Adalberto Martinez "Resortes") helps runs a brothel, but tells his adoring aunt otherwise (claims to be a millionaire in a mansion). One night, a group of goofy older men (of Jewish origin apparently) enter the brothel all they each get a girl for the night. What was supposed to be a night of heavy-drinking and sex turns bizarre when one of the old dudes has a fatal heart attack after having 2 girls seducing him.  He may be dead, but his dick is still erected and so each girl of the house has a way with him to rid of it, but it’s a difficult process it seems. After that, more weird men enter the brothel where sexual mischief ensues, one of the "ladies" of the house falls for Chupies and then Chupie’s aunt unexpectedly visits the brothel! 

Cuentos Colorados is perhaps the most unusual Ruben Galindo movie I’ve seen and that’s because it almost feels like it’s not a movie of his at all. With its outdated/stereotypical humor & peculiar characters; you would think this was something out of the twisted mind of Victor Manuel "El Guero" Castro (whom by the way appears in the movie), but alas, it’s all from the vision Ruben Galindo had for a Ficheras movie. Cuentos Colorados is a movie that I found so unusual, but had some fun with. Sure it’s not the best of the genre, but I wasn’t bored with it though nor disliked it. I was glued to the screen when Lyn May, Grace Renat and Gina Montes appeared on the screen. Lyn May bending over & dancing is always a pleasure seeing and as for Grace Renat.... Well.... I barely kept my eyes on her face that’s for sure. Gina Montes is also eye-catching and literally you do not want a miss millisecond of her since she’s incredibly beautiful. I was also fond of seeing Lucila Mariscal since she’s always cracking me up. If I recall, this was just right before she fully became her “Lencha” persona. 

Cuentos Colorados is worth a watch if you’re into the Ficheras genre, but it’s not one of the most memorable titles of the genre for sure. It is however an entertaining oddity and of course has plenty of eye candy to see. I enjoyed watching the ladies and Resortes as repetitive as he is; I still found him amusing to see. Ruben Galindo mettled into the Sexy Comedy/Fichera genre again a year later with La Golfa Del Barrio and that movie is far more memorable for sure and perhaps even slightly better as well. But again, this type of genre is so unexpected of him. In the 90's just right before he retired, he had made 2 comedies and they are simply bizarre as expected! His dramas & action/crime stuff is much preferred for sure and far memorable as well. 

Cuentos Colorados was released on DVD and should you buy it? Why not. What do you have to lose? It’s better than buying No Manches Frida or some bullshit like that.