Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nuyorican Satan.

Its pretty disturbing that an individual will go all out of their way to ruin someone's life for completely ignorant reasons. They want their victims to feel the pity pain they feel, they want to see them suffer like they do (for petty reasons), and especially want to see them lose whatever they got (which they wish they had). These people are pure evil. That brief sum I just wrote pretty much describes the 1977 Nuyorican (New York-Puerto Rican) film Natas Es Satan.

In Natas Es Satan, we meet an innocent & attractive couple, Victor and Jessica Ramos. After leaving work with Jessica, Victor is called upon on the streets by corrupt police officer, Natas (Satan spelled backwards clearly). Natas points out the firearm Victor is carrying in his waistband. He rudely asks if he has a permit for it, Victor says yes, but somehow it came off wrong in Natas' ears and so he arrests him and Jessica. Victor and his wife report Natas for cruelty, so naturally Natas gets in big trouble. Natas is now on suspension and can no longer qualify to get the big promotion he was hoping to get. This pisses him off big time, so Natas decides to make the lives of Victor and Jessica a living Hell.

Natas starts off by doing petty pranks to the Ramos', like dumping garbage inside their car, then he moves on to big & fucked up moves like getting Jessica into believing Victor is unfaithful to her. He literally gets a strange woman to call her on the phone asking for Victor and then when Jessica is out shopping, she spots a Victor look-a-like getting inside a cab with that strange woman from the phone. This causes the Ramos to separate. From there, Natas continues his evil plans unto the Ramos while still being a corrupt cop in the sleazy streets of New York City.

There's some pretty fucked up people out there and naturally some of these people are within the law. With the power of the law in their hands, they feel they can do whatever their twisted hearts desire. Natas is a perfect example of this kind of person I'm talking about. He is the ultimate corrupt cop since he has a protection racket all to himself and can acquire any weapons he desires such as chinese explosives and unmarked firearms. Oh, and he also has connections with transvestite hitmen & midget drug dealers. Natas' pretty-boy police partner David (Marty Cruz) is madly in love with him and will do whatever he says no matter how horrible it is. David's love for Natas is strong (clearly).

With a great plot comes a great cast. Legendary Puerto Rican Comedian/Actor Miguel Angel Alvarez "El Men" was just amazing in Natas. Not only did he act in the movie playing the lead role, but he also directed the movie as well! I really admire people that manage to direct & star in a good movie. It makes them very hardworking & cool (clearly). Frank Moro and Perla Faith were obviously excellent playing the Ramos. Perla especially since she looked sooo good. Perla Faith can also be seen in an earlier Nuyorican movie "La Tigresa" where she plays a tough Nuyorican chick out for revenge.

Exploitation and Spanish film fanatics need to discover the barely-heard Nuyorican masterpiece Natas Es Satan. It is a 1 hour & a half sleazefest with a great story and cast. Watch it, dammit! 8/10.