Friday, May 25, 2012

Rasec does Voodoo. Russek likes eating lobster.

In a little beach town in Mexico, attractive women are getting killed in ritualistic ways... Voodoo ritualistic ways. The man committing these voodoo killings is Mr. Orwell (Julio Rasec), a man that runs a photography store. Mr. Orwell commits these bizarre murders because he's crazy, pervy, and believes in some sort of high class voodoo god. It's up to a cop name Boris (Segio Goyri) and police commander De Soto (Jorge Russek) to capture this crazy ass voodoo killer. However, they got to have a lobster dinner before searching for the killer.

In Policia De Homicidios (aka "Police Homicide"), a lobster dinner is always a must. Through out the movie, Commander De Soto always seems to have a craving for lobster; and so he and Boris always head out to a restaurant to have a nice & expensive lobster dinner. Unfortunately, Boris always seems to pay for the dinner. Poor, poor Boris! Anyway, enough of the lobster dinner talk! So yeah, Policia De Homicidios is an okay little slasher movie. Then again, I really shouldn't call it a slasher movie since we don't actually see anyone getting killed! All we get to see is Mr. Orwell putting gloves on & mumbling voodoo words as he prepares to rape & mutilate an attractive woman. The rapes & mutilations are never seen at all! That really bites!! Still, at least we get to see bloody dead bodies and people getting shot.

The great & late Roberto Flaco Guzman guest stars in this movie as a doctor who is currently in jail for some unknown reason. Apparently Flaco Guzman M.D. is some kind of high level witch doctor that taught Mr. Orwell all about voodoo. In the end of the movie, he escapes from jail (by using a voodoo doll!) and calls up Boris saying he's out of his jail cell and bad shit is gonna go down. That ending obviously hinted there was going to be some kind of sequel. Perhaps it exists? Most likely not, but you may never know...

Policia De Homicidios could of been so much better if we actually got see the voodoo ritual killings. Still, it's worth watching once in a great while since it is pretty entertaining. Then maybe after watching the movie, you can have a nice lobster dinner. Yeah, that sounds good. Real good. Go for it. 5/10.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloody Machete Fights & Bottles Of Tequila.

Somewhere in the Mexican countryside, a man named Epifano (Agustin Bernal) finds his wife screwing around with another man. Epifano, holding his mighty machete and all; kills the man and ties up his wife so he can also kill her. After telling Epifano "he has no balls", the wife is instantly killed with the mighty machete! When Epifano's wife said 'he had no balls', she meant it! You see, Epifano literally has no balls because a while back, an enemy cut them off with a machete (of course). Even though Epifano has no balls, he's still got his machete and that sharp weapon alone makes him a man... A powerful man! After killing his wife, Epifano runs off from the little town he lives in and heads out to the big city. Along the way, the brothers of the man Epifano killed search high & low for him. They want to kill him badly and get super fucking drunk at the same time.

When Epifano arrives in the city, he gets into a machete fight with local authorities and gets a helping hand from a drug dealer named Luis. After successfully killing the cops, Epifano and Luis drink dozens of bottles of tequila & become close friends instantly. Then, they get into more bloody machete fights together and drink more bottles of tequila.

Bloody Machete Fights & Bottles Of Tequila... That is what Con El Poder En Las Manos is all about!

Con El Poder En Las Manos (aka "With Power in the Hands") is a fucking amazing movie! It starts off bloody, gets more bloody & then it ends more bloodier than ever. The bloody violence in the movie is what makes it so damn amazing. Now keep in mind, the only weapons ever used in the movie are sharp machetes and muscular fists. No guns whatsoever! What I find very interesting about Con El Poder En Las Manos is that Agustin Bernal did a lot of work in the movie! He starred in it, he choreographed the action scenes, he wrote it, and he even directed it. Agustin obviously put a lot of effort in the movie and it definitely shows. The man made a unique & great action movie. Bless you, Agustin!

I can't think of anything bad to say about Con El Poder En Las Manos because it is just too awesome to bring down in some way. Agustin Bernal made one hell of an amazing movie. Con El Poder En Las Manos is highly recommended for fans of bloody machetes fights and tequila drinking enthusiasts!