Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mario Almada es FBI.

In La Justicia En Sus Manos (aka "Justice In His Hands"), Mario Almada stars as Roberto, a security guard for a pharmaceutical warehouse. His partner has just gotten off the clock, but an alarm goes off in the warehouse. So he and Roberto go searching for what's happening inside. The warehouse is being robbed by 2 dudes & 1 chick. Roberto's partner is killed by one of the robbers, saving Roberto's life. When Roberto finds out the life insurance of his partner is no good and won't pay for his funeral & his widow—he goes to the owner of the warehouse begging him to change the policy of the insurance; but he completely ignores him. He then runs into the son of the warehouse owner along with his sister and friend. Roberto knows it was them 3 who robbed the warehouse. Roberto tries to get them arrested for the murder & roberry, but the police have no further proof that they did it, so they do nothing and let them go. The 3 youngsters then assault Roberto at his house and attempt to kill him, but he jumps out of the window and runs away. The 3 trouble making brats then celebrate their freedom and privileged lives at a nightclub with mud wrestling chicks and weird stock music playing in the background. While they think they're off the hook; Roberto prepares for his revenge against them by loading up weapons, putting on a ski mask and dawning a DIY-looking FBI jacket. Roberto then kidnaps the son and keeps him at the warehouse, fucks around with the dad & the police by setting up numerous booby traps and assaulting them with his fists & weapons.

What can I say? I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie when I purchased it at a thrift store in Reno. The back cover of the vhs makes the movie sound completely serious and a little different, but I knew it wasn't gonna be that way at all. La Justicia En Sus Manos I guess was a little serious when it came to Roberto's unfair treatment from the high-ups of his job and the law not working with him at all, but once things get rolling, I was generally baffled by Roberto's exact motives on his 'revenge' and 'demands'. Was he going to kill anybody? Was he going to prove a point by doing this kidnapping and ransom? And what was up with that FBI jacket? Was he an FBI agent at some point in his life or did he just make that jacket himself since it clearly looked homemade. White paint & all. Also, what was up with those mud wrestlers? Who really won that match? The blonde or the brunette? What did they even win?

The movie seriously gave me a lot of questions to ask and some of those questions were answered once the movie comes to an end. The mud wrestling remains a mystery though.

When some of those questions were answered, I laughed because it was just ridiculously funny to me. This movie was so silly and for Mario Almada to be part of this silliness just made me laugh even more. I loved it though. I also loved Nora Parra in this movie. She looked absolutely gorgeous in it and was just great in general. Carlos Pouliot plays the evil warehouse owner/businessman/father of the 2 out of the 3 youngsters. He was serious but he looked funny at the same time. It was odd but I laughed (again).

La Justicia En Sus Manos is one weird revenge thriller. It tries to be funny quietly and remain serious cause of Mario Almada, but even then he gets quietly funny sometimes with the shit he says and does. This is a movie that I'll watch most likely when it’s raining or I'm sick in bed. This is some enjoyable trash that only Mexcinema would release.