Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jon Michael Bischof's Best Summer Ever.

“Best Summer Ever” and “Best Friend” mean nothing to me since I spend my summers working a lot and I don’t have a best friend because life is too crazy these days & full of fakes. In Rescate Mortal (also known as "Summer Eagle"), the “best” summer ever happens for a guy named Ricky (Jon Michael Bischof) because his best friend Christian (Art Bonilla) takes him from LA to South America for some relaxation & fun. It also just happens Ricky might have cancer so he’s spending this summer as if it were his last (eeesh). When Ricky & Christian and their dorky friend Timothy arrive, they spend some time at Christian’s parents’ luxurious mansion and head out to the local nightclub where Ricky falls for a girl who becomes very smitten of him. They also head out to the local McDonald’s for Big Macs. Typical guy stuff, right? After the babes & burgers, come the local evil revolutionaries aiming their giant rifles at Ricky and kidnap Christian to get money off his rich parents to fund their “cause”. The local military are after this evil revolutionary group and want to retrieve Christian safely. Ricky of course wants his best friend back safely and he’s just about to cut in on the action. He is definitely gonna pull up with a rifle on his hands!

After the wildness & absurdity of Don’t Panic, Jon Michael Bischof and Ruben Galindo Jr team up again for another movie and instead of demonic possessions & Dino pajamas, this time around it's Guerrilla warfare & camouflage underwear. Rescate Mortal is basically another copycat of Red Dawn and the many others that followed after, but despite it being a copycat movie, Rescate Mortal is entertaining on its own and never bores. The action in the movie is pretty basic stuff with its excessive gun firing action & menial terrorist torture moves. I also have to mention that Jorge Reynoso plays the leader of the evil revolutionary group and he’s a pretty bad dude for sure. He’s devoted to his cause and he will die for it. It also seems he is a son of Che Guevara since it's referenced a couple of times and Reynoso's character is credited as "General Guevara". Crazy, huh? Weird, huh?

The main characters are all likable surprisingly. Jon Michael Bischof plays Ricky and while Ricky is a nerdy wimpy rich kid who’s come to terms with his illness & possible death; he remains pretty calm for the most part and wants to have a good time with his friends. Then when faced with the possibility of losing his best friend, he becomes courageous and wants to fight back no matter what could happen to him. What a great guy, right? An example of a real best friend! The other friend Timothy is a lame-o. He runs back to LA after Christian’s kidnapping and never seen again. Not a real friend! Wow! As for Christian himself; the guy is a pretty cool dude. He's young, handsome & rich and just wants to live life to its fullest and you have to admire that. He of course is also very devoted to his friends and ladies, so when he's kidnapped and possibly going to die, you want him to be saved!

Rescate Mortal is entertaining & cheesy fun. I really can’t complain about it since I didn’t have an issue with the movie really. Rescate is full of decent action & 80's cheesiness. Can’t forget to mention that Jon Michael Bischof also provided the soundtrack for the movie just as he did with Don’t Panic and Ratas Nocturnas! There’s a song in Rescate about partying that is totally dreadfully cheesy and the end credits song is even more cheesy. After you watch Don’t Panic for the millionth time, watch Rescate Mortal afterwards. Would make a great double feature honestly. You can’t just enjoy one Jon Michael Bischof & Ruben Galindo Jr movie! You have to enjoy 2 of their movies!