Sunday, May 19, 2019

Casos De Alarma: AIDS.

A diffident young man named Rodolfo (Servando Manzetti) has arrived in a small town to hide out because he might of just gotten someone brutally killed, this someone was a dirty old man whom he worked with and later became intimate with at force basically. It seems Rodolfo has always been at the hands of other males because he’s naive & a pusher over. When he was a kid he was molested by a roommate at boarding school and never told anyone about this! Ever since then, Rodolfo has been confused of his sexuality. He doesn’t know if he’s gay or not and fears of being called a faggot by others & when it comes to light he’s been with the older man, Rodolfo is disowned by his own family! When Rodolfo finally opens up to the people of the small town, he meets a young girl named Carolina (Alma Delfina) and they become close & eventually form a lustful relationship. Rodolfo finally feels like his true self after being with Carolina, but trouble arises when he gives her AIDS that he contracted from his past relationship with the older man. Carolina is later raped by the mayor’s philandering son Ausencio (Julio Aldama) and he contracts AIDS off her. Eventually the deadly disease becomes widespread in the town and much, much trouble arises!!

Based on the pages of the famous fotonovela "Casos De Alarma", Casos De Alarma: SIDA (also released under the title "SIDA: Sindrome De Muerte") definitely lives up to its title since it’s almost 2 hours of AIDS melodrama & crudeness. It’s also full of wild & colorful characters such as nasty-looking prostitutes, exaggerated gay men and an old creepy rich man with nothing but lustful thoughts in his head. I also can’t forget to mention that Ausencio is the worst male ever by screwing any woman that’ll open up to him (pun intended) and even when they don’t, he forces himself on to them. It’s also hilarious that he sings lovey dovey ranchera songs in some parts of the movie as if he’s a real romantic person. The irony with that..

The Casos De Alarma magazine comes to life a little in this movie basically. It is dramatic, crude, tragic & weird just like the fotonovelas are. My favorite parts of the movie are the Rodolfo flashback scenes since they really dig deep into why he’s so troubled & odd. It’s pretty fucked up how much this dude has gone through at the hands of selfish people taking advantage of his kindness & even his ignorance. Does it at least end “well” for him? I won’t reveal that obviously, but let’s just say it’s not over for Rodolfo and what he’s doing. It is truly fucked up and it's kind of what happens still these days as well. Eesh.

Casos De Alarma: SIDA is an interesting & sleazy melodrama of AIDS, sex & homosexuality/homophobia. The movie at times does drag, but despite that, the movie at least still remains interesting. It is a sleazy little good time and for fans of Casos De Alarma, it is a must watch. 6/10. 

"SIDA" would be the first of 3 movies in the “Casos De Alarma” series all directed by Benjamin Escamilla Espinosa. The 2nd movie would be La Pareja Perfecta and the third entitled De Un Blanco Mortal which stars Lorena Herrera and is about the horrible struggles of drug addiction.