Friday, August 19, 2022

Party's Over.

In Orgia Sangrienta (aka "Bloody Orgy"), did the guy really have to bring the pizzas so damn late? In Orgia Sangrienta, why did the guy have to throw a dog’s severed head into the window? In Orgia Sangrienta, a fog machine does wonders for the killer, but I beg to wonder—was it a fog machine or was it some kind of “supernatural” effect? I ask the questions nobody else asks and for a movie that little to know one has seen. Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to Trash-Mex. Here’s yet another Mexican trash obscurity unearthed.

Alejandro (Raul Araiza) & his close pals are planning a big party at the giant mansion he lives in and there will be plenty of drinks, snacks & of course some pretty girls to entertain. A guy called “Sulfató” (Armando Araiza) is also joining the festivities despite not really being a friend to everyone else but Alejandro. Sulfató suffers a muscle disorder and this of course makes him differ from the other guys and they often ridicule him for his limitations & social awkwardness. Sulfató wants to fit in with these guys really badly, so he tolerates the constant teasing, but on the night of the party it all goes to shit for him. Sulfató was under the impression he was going to be with a girl at the party, but he ends up getting zero attention from anyone there, so he then gets angry at everyone and when he’s told to go get pizzas for the party; Sulfató gets “even” with them all by cutting the head off of Alejandro’s dog & throwing it into the window! Then all the lights go off! It could be the storm that shut them off, or it could be the mysterious figure in a blonde wig & nightgown wandering around the mansion holding an axe. Is this revenge for Sulfató? Sulfató getting even on his own? Or is it a ghost wandering the mansion?

Orgia Sangrienta is a long-forgotten Mexican slasher that plays out all the cliches you would see in any other slasher from this particular era which consists of annoying & horny teenage/20some year olds wanting to party hard (but do it so menially) and a killer with an obvious motive and bizarre appearance. No masks, no make-up. Just a cheap blonde wig & a nightgown. The kills committed by this blonde-wig'd psycho are quite lackluster, but attempted to look brutal at least. We are treated to a hand getting chopped off, a dog’s head is cut off (not shown) and thrown into a window, a girl’s neck is slit & it’s done so fast that you can barely see it happening, and several more atrocities are committed by a sharped object or two. The main weapon of choice is an axe. Unfortunately, due the lack of lighting in the movie, you can barely manage to see any of that slasher-action happening and it’s very frustrating. But again though, the effort to be brutal is all there. Despite the limitations/darkness. 

Orgia Sangrienta never got released on DVD, had obscured tv airings, and the Million Dollar Video release & Mexican VHS release under the title “Fiesta De Sorpresa” ("Surprise Party") are extremely hard to come by. Despite its rarity & obscureness; slasher fanatics seem to know about the movie’s existence, thus it is on their wishlists & the few copies that have floated on eBay through out the years have bid up highly. So, is Orgia Sangrienta worth “the hype” & high price? Honestly, if you really want to see it, then you got to work for it. Meaning, yes pay whatever you can for it. You might pay high for it or you may not—but whatever it may be, you got to pay regardless. Nothing in this world is ever free and that includes movies.

It took a great while, but with a lot of patience & some cash saved up, I got to see Orgia Sangrienta finally and I’m glad I did because I enjoyed this cheesy/predictable 90’s Mexican slasher. It’s a menially good time and its obscurity adds a little more flavor to it as well.