Thursday, June 24, 2021

... and Narco Gays?

Yes, this movie is about Narcos. And yes, they are Gay

In Narco Gays, we enter a claustrophobic world full of corruption, drug-trafficking and homosexuality all around. Like Lai Yiu-Fai and Ho Po-Wing from Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together; Max (Alan Ciangherotti) & Rony (Gibran Gonzalez) have a tumultuous relationship. They have many, many quarrels but always seem to make up after, even when you feel they shouldn’t waste each other’s fucking time. Max & Rony—aside from being in a relationship—also work together in the drug-trafficking business under an old-head called “Don Frankie”. Max wants to take over Don Frankie’s drug empire and he much succeeds in doing so after a bizarrely wild night of dancing scantily for Don Frankie which then leads to a bullet in his head. Corrupt cop Armando (Miguel Angel Rodríguez) naturally gives Max & Rony trouble and also seems to be courting/banging Vicky (Zdena Erzberg)—the only female that seems to be desired from every male in this movie. Vicky while looking innocently/tiredly working as a waitress—just happens to be a Ukrainian criminal hiding out in Mexico. When Armando finds out who Vicky really is—he blackmails her for sex & money to keep quiet!

Narco Gays is one of Christian Gonzalez’s well-known titles from the 2000’s and not just because of the in your face title, but because it was featured in a wonderful book by Canadian scholar Ryan Rashotte entitled “Narco Cinema”. Many years ago, I got Ryan in touch with director Christian Gonzalez and I’m very glad I did considering the chapter in the book entitled “… and Narco Gays?” is a very interesting read where Ryan went sort of deep into the movie and did a wonderful write-up on Christian’s career. His thoughts on Narco Gays is pretty hilarious and very relatable since he too saw how flawed the movie is by mentioning how it just feels incomplete after one scene to another and never really connecting at all. He also says the movie is “kitschy” & “campy” and that is very true. Narco Gays isn’t trying to be serious nor is it even really putting homosexuality in a negative tone, but just sorta having fun with it. I mean after all, seeing a guy in a Superman speedo dancing around is very ironic & humorous, que no? That’s the kind of shit we see in Narco Gays and then some. The orgy/dancing scene is so cringy, but so good too. And when I say good, I mean that in a very ironic way. The fat guy in the movie "El Husky" is a very horny narco gay and I adored him very much so. 

Narco Gays will never become a masterpiece or a “cult hit”, but it is a movie worth watching if you’re bored enough and in dire need of a ridiculous escape from the harsh reality we live in. The movie has its amusing moments such as the orgy/dancing scene and whenever Max explains to someone how all women are corrupt pieces of asses. The flamboyancy in the movie is heavily exaggerated, but laughable too. Sometimes we all need a good laugh at something completely stupid, right? Narco Gays is one of the go to movies for that. 

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