Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air. Blood is spilling on the floor.

A killer is on the loose (the killer played by Roberto Ballesteros). His victims are mostly ladies of the night. They are raped before murdered brutally. After the murders are committed; the killer sits down, sips on red wine, and listens to a bizarre French cassette. While this killer is on the loose, a man called "Flaco" (Roberto Flaco Guzman!) has fallen in love with a woman he's spied on through a telescope that he mistakenly received. He was supposed to receive a tiny rotten banana as an innuendo for his small penis ('jaja'). The killer's and Flaco's worlds collide when Flaco's girlfriend-to-be ends up in the hands of the killer. It's up to Flaco to save her since she lives right across from his apartment building! (duh!)

Mujeres De Media Noche (aka "Ladies of the Night") is a sex comedy and a brutal slasher. Could this combination be a good thing or a bad thing? Well when it comes to this movie, it actually turned out pretty good. The movie starts off like any other slasher movie; we meet the killer and watch him brutally rape & murder an attractive prostitute, then he stabs her with various knives and leaves em' on her back while cheesy Valentine balloons float nearby. Nasty, huh? Afterwards we meet Flaco and his crazy co-workers and friends. They dance, talk shit, and when Flaco receives the telescope, we watch him and his friend (played by Cesar Bono) spy on women that live in the apartment building across from theirs. After all the quirky comedy gags & hot girls dancing, we get back to the slasher stuff and eventually these bizarre set of characters meet and it all gets very interesting from there. Yay.

 Mujeres De Media Noche is definitely worth a look. Go for it, ya freaks & weirdos.