Saturday, June 4, 2022

In The Ghetto with Rodrigo Vidal & Sergio Goyri.

 Crack: Vicio Mortal is about the dangers of the notorious drug "crack cocaine" and it all takes place in the ghetto (Galveston, TX to be exact) and they make sure you know this by filming the opening credits in all-black neighborhood where things supposedly appear to be rough, but really everyone around the neighborhood is just chilling. This all goes on while Too Short’s “The Ghetto” plays. Let me be frank though, this opening credit scene was truly done in poor taste—but I couldn’t help but laugh at how randomly bizarre it is as well. 

After moving to a new city far away from his dad“Tomy” (Rodrigo Vidal) has been having a hard time settling since his mom is always away at work and he can’t seem to make any friends at school, thus making him feel all alone. Later on, Tomy becomes curious of a certain group of guys who hang around abandoned buildings & smoke crack out of beer cans. Tomy then awkwardly gets involved with the group and begins to smoke crack with them & also commit petty crimes around town in order to buy more crack from local drug dealer/fresh mullet head “El Duby” (Arturo Adonay). El Duby’s sister Wendy begins to date local narcotics officer Daniel (Sergio Goyri) who just happens to be investigating the local drug ring and he’s of course on to El Duby & his bosses! 

Crack: Vicio Mortal offers the common 90’s anti-drug message & exaggerations, early 90's attire that a hypebeast will surely drool over, cheap Sergio Goyri gun-firing action and of course constant usage of The Ghetto in various scenes. With all that mushed up together, does the movie deliver mucho entrainment value? I would say yes, but the movie tends to get a little boring as well and that’s because there’s certain scenes that just unnecessarily drag on for too long (mostly pointless car ride scenes). The crack-smoking scenes at least make up for that and those scenes are incredibly hilarious because some are either smoking “harmless” tobacco out of the beer can or they’re not even smoking anything out of the can at all, but just pretending to. Is this what they teach at Juilliard? I certainly hope so.

The funky, funky ghetto movie they call Crack: Vicio Mortal is unusual, cheap & dumb, but it is entertaining at least. It’ll also make you appreciate Too Short’s “The Ghetto” because it is such an iconic rap song, and it’s unusual, overly usage in the movie is hilarious and oh so wrong as well. Now I shall seek another cheap Mexican movie that unusually uses Too Short’s “I’m a Player” and it might just exist because anything in this world is possible—like pretend-smoking crack from a beer can.