Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Like Father, Like Son.

Don Lamberto Quintero (Antonio Aguilar) is now being laid to rest after being gunned down by his enemies. All his associates and friends attend the burial. The most important person there however is Lamberto's son (played by Antonio's son Pepe Aguilar) whom too is named Lamberto. It turns out Lamberto kept his son in secrecy for security reasons. Now that the father is gone, its time for the son to take over the business. Lamberto Hijo (Jr.) is very young, but very smart. After the burial, he's already getting bullets shot at him, but luckily he fires back and has guards with him always.

Lamberto Hijo meets with his father's associates. They're not too keen on working for/with a young man, but Lamberto Hijo assures them that despite his age, he's still gonna run things exactly like his father did and more. As Lamberto Hijo prepares his father's business; he takes out all of his father's enemies that remained and the traitors that are out to take over the Quintero business. 

El Hijo De Lamberto Quintero (aka "Son of Lamberto Quintero") was an obvious attempt at boosting Pepe Aguilar's singing career. He was just starting out in the 90's and so a movie would clearly nab everyone's attention unto him since his legendary father was to accompany him in the movie & all. The movie turned out to be a success since he went on to become a popular musician and well-known through out Mexico and the United States. The movie itself is pretty good by the way (duh). It's actually even a little better than the first movie since it focused only on Lamberto Hijo's path to becoming a boss and remembering his father's advice. There's a few parts with Pepe Aguilar singing along with his dad, but they weren't out of range or anything. It was done right. It also has some really good action. Guns firing mostly, but coordinated perfectly. 

Best part of the movie is the last 10-15 minutes of the movie. A wedding is starting, Lamberto Hijo prepares to attend it in honor of his father, all while his associates prepare for a huge cutoff of the traitors among them. It was all edited beautifully with classical music playing. It pretty much ripped-off The Godfather baptism scene. We all remember that amazing scene, right? 

If the first movie left you with wanting more, then definitely watch the sequel. It's worth it. 6/10.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not the Son of God.

The Waco siege of 1993 shocked everyone in the United States because so many innocent lives were taken away and the one at fault was a sick & delusional man.

After it happened, some Mexican movie producers decided to make a movie adaption of that tragic day. It was easy stuff to write about after all since David Koresh & his actions were well-known by then. So, a movie was made and it was called Sucedio En Monte Carmel: La Tragedia De Waco Texas (aka "It Happened in Mount Carmel: The Waco Texas Tragedy").

David Coleman (David Koresh's last name changed) (portrayed by Jorge Ortin) has just been kicked out of a church because he was calling himself the new son of God. Calling himself the real Messiah basically. After being kicked out, he begins to preach on his own and gains a small following. Soon after, he is taken in at a new church where he and a couple of tough goons decide to take it over by pushing over the current leader off of a deep cave lake. From there, David Coleman has gained more followers and has them working in Mount Carmel. Coleman, being a perv, gets women to marry him and has uneasy sex with them after the 'ceremony'. He tends to beat them and make them feel like shit, but its all done for the sake of God (I guess). All the followers that mistrust Coleman end up getting tortured somehow. Either starved in the fake-looking cave or their hands cut off in front of everyone. David Coleman is one sick son of a bitch clearly.

When the ATF come down to Mount Carmel for Coleman, Coleman and his followers decide to fight them rather than surrender. Coleman acquired lots of firearms and even a bomb to set off when the fighting gets too hard. He wants himself and his followers to die together.

La Tragedia De Waco Texas sounds tragic just as the real thing happened, but its actually terribly exaggerated and hilarious. The David Koresh portrayal was hilarious as well. They got the look right, but everything else was just so bad. I couldn't stop laughing every time he preached about God or whatever. It was just funny to me. The funniest thing of the entire movie however was the ending. The movie ends with an explosion of Mount Carmel. Rather than using stock footage of some random building exploding or even have their own building explode; the producers of the movie instead built a miniature version of Mount Carmel and blew it up with some fireworks. That scene is supposed to be serious and sad, but its just fucking hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw that scene. Even now I laugh just thinking about it. It's just soo fucking bad.

I gotta give the movie some credit on some things though. Like I mentioned before, they got the David Koresh look right. It was somewhat believable despite a Mexican actor playing Koresh. I also liked the scenes near the end with all the followers and Koresh holding firearms. The hand-cutting scene was amusing as well since it is done so weird. Also, the music in the movie was pretty eerie & cheesy sounding. I dug it.

David Koresh aficionados will not like this movie since it is a terrible portrayal of the real event, but fans of videohomes like myself will enjoy it for sure. I liked it for sure but only because it was funny to me. I also admired the cast. Jorge Reynoso playing a David Koresh partner? It is a dream come true. Well for me anyway. 4/10.