Friday, July 16, 2010

Herencia Diabolica. A movie about a midget killer clown doll.

Let's go back in time.

In October of 1999, I was in 4th grade and clowns & killer dolls scared the living crap out of me. They've haunted me since I was 3. Of course.

 I got home from school one day and joined my mom in her room to watch TV. She put something on KRCA 62 (now known as Estrella TV) and afterwards the movie that started it all played. The face on the killer clown doll terrified me. I mean, a killer doll as it is creeped me out, but it being a clown as well? That's just pure horror for me. How could both worlds combine and do this to me? Once the movie was over I was pretty much scared and didn't even wanna leave my mom's room. When my mom requested me to go outside and get the mail, I hesitated and ran quick because I figured maybe the clown would get me or something. Dumb, I know. I was 9 though, so cut me some slack!

As scared as I was, I was also very fascinated. The movie was entertaining from start to finish. I loved it. I wanted to see it again. A couple of years later, my cousin was over at my house and we were flipping channels up & down on the TV and what do we see? A promo for the killer clown doll movie I been wanting to see again! We only watched maybe half of the movie since we ended up doing something else. Bummer.

Last year in March or April I remember randomly saying in my head: "what is that Mexican killer clown doll movie called?". I asked my mom if she remembered and her humorous response was "I don't know what that trash was called. Dumb movie". Then later in the summer I asked on the AV Maniacs forum if anyone knew a title for a Mexican killer clown doll movie and thankfully someone gave me a title! The title was "Herencia Diabolica" aka "Diabolical Inheritance". I was lucky to find a VHS copy of the movie shortly after finding the movie's title out. Amazing.

Herencia Diabolica is basically just about a killer clown doll scaring the crap out of people and killing them. The movie starts with an old woman dying and holding the clown doll in her arms. It turns out the doll was her best friend since childhood and was the only thing she had left that was dear to her. A distant relative of hers name Tony (Roberto Guinar) inherits the mansion she lived in and he decides to live there with his pregnant wife Annie (Holda Ramirez). Annie finds the clown doll named "Payasito" (Spanish word for Little Clown) in a trunk full of unusual things and decides to keep it for the upcoming baby. Annie at first enjoys the doll, but then things get very weird when the doll is somehow appearing in other parts of the house even though it was never moved around by Annie or Tony.

One night, Annie decides to lock up Payasito in a closet since its clearly moving around by itself and scaring her. Later in the night, Annie hears noises coming from downstairs and realizes its coming from the closet where Payasito is at! Payasito, now of the closet; chases Annie up the stairs. Annie reaches the top almost, but is instead in front of Payasito where he smiles at her and makes her fall down the stairs very, very slowly. Annie has passed away, but the baby (who's named Roy) she was carrying survived the ordeal somehow and is now being raised by his father Tony and a nanny.

Several years later, Roy (Alan Fernando) is now around 7-9 years old. Loves Payasito to death. Takes him everywhere he goes and plays with him always. His father Tony marries again to his attractive secretary (Lorena Herrera). Tony's new bride hates Payasito because it scares her all the time. She tries to get rid of him in various ways, but he always come back and haunts her. Especially in her dreams where he gets extremely perverse with her. After Payasito kills Roy's nanny by having her drop down the mansion balcony; Roy's stepmom tears up Payasito with scissors thinking it's gone forever and won't kill again. Payasito appears again one night and this time he goes after her very, very slowly with a knife and chases her down to the river. The movie ends with a hope of a sequel at a new location, but sadly that never happened.

Herencia Diabolica is a great movie written & directed by the legendary screenwriter Alfredo Salazar. I absolutely love it because it's so bizarre and so, so creepy. Poorly made as well. That's the charm of it though. It's a low-budget schlockfest full of fear & unintentional laughs. There will never be a movie like Herencia Diabolica. This is a one of a kind experience. You will never see a killer doll movie with a midget actor playing the killer doll in its entirety. You will never see another movie that has a nightmare scene featuring a killer clown doll caressing a woman's chest in her own bed. You will also never see another movie with a killer clown doll murdering a thief with a broken beer bottle and rats feeding off him afterwards. Herencia Diabolica is the best Mexican Horror straight to video movie ever made. It is a must watch.

Like the back of the VHS box says: "Between blood & toys, you will face the Diabolical Inheritance. We dare you to see this creepy new release." 10/10.