Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The Revenge of Maria.

 For as long as corridos have been around (since the Mexican Revolution to be exact), there have been many composed about revolutionary figures, well-doin’ bandits and many conflicts around Mexico & bordering towns near the USA. Later into the 20th century, corridos had become songs about drug traffickers, brutal criminal elements and stories of tragedies & revenge. Mexican music composer Julian Garza was one of the pioneers of corrido composition and has a lengthy discography to prove this & one of his most well-known corridos isn’t about a brute man nor is the woman in said song just a victim or a conflicting individual—the woman in this song takes matters into her own hands to fulfill her revenge against a powerful man who killed her father. This corrido is called “La Venganza De Maria” ("The Revenge of Maria") and it truly lives up to its name.