Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sergio Goyri's Thirst for Vengeance.

Sergio Goyri is a vampire. It seems like an odd thing to say, huh? Had anyone told me that a while back, I’m not sure what the hell people would've been talking about, but now that I have seen it with my own 2 eyes, I believe it. Fuck.

Symphony No. 11 in G Minor, The Year 1905: Eternal Memory plays as the opening credits roll & then we catch a glimpse of a very spooky mansion at night where a vampire named Dracul (Sergio Goyri) shows off his fangs and is ready to attack on an enemy of his! In the present time, a dying woman tells her son Luis of the time when his father had destroyed the vampire Dracul, but now she fears he will return and that Luis must destroy the “Cruz De Roble” in order for the vampire to never return from the dead again. After Luis’ mom passes away—He, his wife & their friends head out to his family’s old mansion and of course that is when things get terrifying & spooky! Dracul is resurrected by the help of his ghoulish partner “Igor” and goes around town killing people & drinking their blood. Dracul is back from the dead (again) and is thirsty for blood more than ever. Vengeance as well of course.

Who would of thought a vampire movie with Sergio Goyri would thrill me so much. I mean then again, I do love me some vampires and as for Goyri... Uhhh... Well... Let’s not talk about him. Let’s just talk about Sed De Venganza (aka "Thirst for Vengeance")! What a movie! As simple as it is, it is a very entertaining movie for sure. It’s one of those movies you really have to watch at night because it’s mainly set at night and the only good way to watch a movie like that is when it’s night-time of course. The movie is always dark, full of fog machines blowing all over, rubber bats flying around on strings and Sergio Goyri wears the perfect vampire costume. Fangs & cape & everything! There’s also a “ghost” carriage as well which adds more of a spooky aesthetic. There’s also a big golden bat crest above where Dracul rests and it is incredibly fucking awesome. I’ll take 1, please.

When you watch Sed De Venganza, it honestly feels like a movie that should of been made before the 1980’s and perhaps that was the intention. It was either a homage to the old horror movies or it is just an old screenplay given life later on in the 1980’s. The screenplay was written by Ramón Obon, Ramón is a legendary screenwriter who has written so many wonderful movies and a lot of his well-known ones are his horror movies, such as: Pánico, El Imperio De Dracula, Pacto Diabólico & Santo Contra Las Lobas. Ramón Obon it seems here was intending to make his own Dracula movie or perhaps even remake it (rip it off), but of course he changed it up so it makes sense to be set in present time Mexico. Can we call this movie one of the best Dracula rip-offs ever? Maybe not the best, but it's definitely a good one for sure. I also adore how they shortened the vampire's name to "Dracul". Kinda reminds me of my "name" after all. Wonderful. Creative (nah).

Sed De Venganza is a fun as hell Dracula cheapie rip-off that was written by a legend. I’m ecstatic to have finally seen it and look forward to watching it again & again. 

Dracul forever.