Friday, April 20, 2012

Praying, Sinning, Robbing, Raping, Shooting, & Stabbing.

A lot of things happen in a big city. Some good, some bad. Mostly bad though. In the city in 38 Especial (aka ".38 Special"), a gang of thugs rob people in a phony taxi bus! Drug traffickers are battling cops on a daily basis! Then there's a psychopath going around raping & killing women because they're 'sinners'.

Meet Raul ( played by director Miguel Marte aka Angel Sancho). He's perverted, religious and he lives with his mom who whips him & herself! Why? Because they 'sin' so fucking much and they need to be fucking punished for it! When Raul acquires ID's of local women—he goes to their homes and stabs them all brutally to death. He also rapes them because it is the only way to 'cleanse their sinning souls'. A couple of badass cops search for Raul and along the way they go around gun-battling local drug traffickers. What a stressful, awful city this is. Is it Los Angeles? No, but it might as well be. 

38 Especial is ridiculously amazing. It is an action movie and a horror-thriller as well. The fact that we see exaggerated gun battles and gruesome bloody stabbings in one Mexican trash movie truly amazes me. The characters in 38 Especial are all very intriguing in their own right. The cops are a couple of badasses and one of them being played by Fernando Almada—who’s always a badass (duh). Julio César Rasec is also another badass in the movie and here he plays a good guy for once—a rarity for him since he’s leaned more towards playing antagonists. Then of course the killer Raul is an intriguingly sleazy & a crazy ass-looking dude and so much that it’s actually kind of believable. I also like the fact that he looks exactly like Curtis from Bloody Birthday

Miguel Marte here proves he can do it all at once. Miguel Marte directed, starred, produced & even composed the movie’s music. And of course with the help of his fellow filmmaking family members & friends. Incredible, isn’t it?

I truly love 38 Especial. It's trashy, bloody, and oodles of fun. A must watch for sure. Look for it!