Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Beach of Desire.

Have you ever gotten the urge to kidnap a woman and make her your sex slave?  Have you ever pulled out a picture of your dick and showed it to the woman you’re about to kidnap? Have you ever had your kidnapped sex slave walk down on the beach while they’re chained up and force them to slowly take their thong off while you jack off to the view? If you have, then you must be Pablo of La Playa Del Deseo!

In Playa Del Deseo (The Beach of Desire), we meet Pablo (Marco Treviño), who has returned to a beach in Colima where a few years back, he had kidnapped several females and kept them as his sex slaves & when he finished with them, he would simply murder them & bury them deep in the sand. Each of these ladies were very attractive and they all somehow irritated the sadistic kidnapper which lead to their untimely demises. The last female to be kidnapped was named Alejandra (Vanessa Yudic) and she was the most interesting one of all since she was extremely attractive and what was supposed to be another sex slave, turned out to be his match since she gave into to Pablo all the way. She let him do whatever he wanted to her and she even had him do things that would get her off. Alejandra sounds like a dream girl, que no? Maybe so. Maybe not. 

Written by Ariel Fernandez who also had written Por Un Salvaje Amor; La Playa Del Deseo is such a perverse & sadistic movie. Of course there’s many other movies like it, but Playa Del Deseo is one not very seen often, probably not even remembered either and that is truly tragic because this movie is to be seen and believed. It’s so strange, inappropriately funny and nasty as hell. Examples of nastiness is when our protagonist speaks about after killing his first victim, he reads about how the human anus is still active for a certain amount of time and so he fucks the dead girl’s ass till it was no more. Another victim gives him head as she’s buried in the sand right before she dies. 

Our protagonist Pablo is not normal of course, but Alejandra is much worse than him when it comes to perversions since she literally cannot stop being sexual at all. Since they meet, they fuck in various ways and she obliges to his needs and it isn’t until she starts to get him to do things for her is when he realizes she’s not normal and he can’t tolerate someone much more perverted than him. After sticking candles & vegetables up their assholes, Pablo realizes she is too much for him! 

I had been familiar with La Playa Del Deseo for a while and I’ve finally got to watch it earlier on and it definitely met my expectations. After watching Por Un Salvaje Amor and its obscure sequel, I of course craved more from the twisted mind of Ariel Fernandez and Playa was the cherry on top of this dessert of sadism. 

The movie features an intriguing & twisted story that will keep you entertained all the way and the female characters as well since they’re all really gorgeous. I could go on about Vanessa Yudic all day & night, but all I will say is she was truly a remarkable woman. A true beauty that will drive any man wild. Her attitude in every movie she starred in is very admirable as well. 

La Playa Del Deseo is a true obscurity and it must be seen to believe. It's perverted as fuck, it's nasty, it's funny and it is so fucking weird. I recommend it heavily. Buy a copy from my friend Ronny Contreras and you won't regret it. Hit him up on his Instagram: