Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Susana Dosamantes' pleasurable vengeance.

It was supposed to be a fun weekend from home for child psychologist Cristina Ruiz (Susana Dosamantes) and her family. As their weekend comes to a close and heading back home, they drive into the woods and at the same time an armored car is being robbed by a biker gang. The Ruiz's & the armored car guards are assaulted and gunned down by the gang. Cristina barely survives the ordeal but sadly witnessed her family brutally murdered, thus causing severe pain & anger. Several Months later, Cristina is back to work and seeing patients again. A new patient (Andres Garcia Jr) arrives and she immediately recognizes him! This guy was hanging around with the bikers that killed Cristina's family. Through him, she finds her family's killers and starts knocking them out one by one with her switchblade. One guy (who wears a Garfield t-shirt) gets stabbed in the neck during a movie. Such a beautiful, poetic death. Hugo Stiglitz plays a semi-nosey reporter who wants to help Cristina through her ordeal by finding her killers and being nice to her. Isn't that sweet? A little weird too, but it's okay in this situation I suppose.

After the success with Rosa De La Frontera (review coming very soon!), director Hernando Name and producer Carlos Vasallo decided to once again put Susana Dosamantes in a revenge/action film because she was clearly badass and appealing to all of Mexico and the USA. This new movie, which would of course would be called El Placer De La Venganza (The Pleasure of Vengeance), would be a much edgier movie and set in an urban area most people are familiar with. Hugo Stiglitz would of course return as Susana Dosamantes' supporting role as he was in Rosa De La Frontera.

El Placer De La Venganza is personally a top favorite 80's Mexican revenge movie. Its got some bloody switchblade & gun firing action and a simple but good plot. Can it get any better? Oh, yes definitely. What makes it even better is Susana Dosamantes. Let me tell y'all, Susana Dosamantes is AMAZING in this movie! I can go on all day how she's great in this movie but I'll keep it short (perhaps). Her acting is just top-notch. She really played off a smart vengeful woman very well. She never exaggerated herself at all. She kept it serious 100%. And I'd be lying if I didn't find her attractive at all. Yes, she's old enough to be my grandmother (!!!) but wow, is this woman gorgeous! Even wearing a ridiculous new wave wig still makes her look gorgeous.

Like Rafaga De Plomo, El Placer De La Venganza also got a German release under the title "Eine Frau kennt keine Gnade" and "Angel In The Night", and that's pretty freakin' cool because even the Germans are aware of this awesome Mexican revenge flick!

El Placer De La Venganza is seriously one of the coolest Mexican revenge flicks of the 80's. It's one not to miss whatsoever. Susana Dosamantes kills it in this movie. Literally. 10/10.

An original copy for El Placer De La Venganza is pretty hard to come by, but luckily a good friend of mine has made a really cool VHS copy with English subtitles (all done by himself!) for the non-Spanish speakers. I recommend This movie 100% to everyone and that's why I want everyone to see it. Go buy yourself a copy from Ronny of Video Patron via his instagram!