Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Demonic Nun poses as hooker, kills men every Friday night.

Every Friday night, a man gets brutally murdered by a woman who pretends to be a hooker. Detective Acosta (Rodolfo De Anda) searches hard to capture the killer. At a nearby convent, some really weird shit has been going and it is quite clear that a demonic presence is around and has possessed one of the nuns, Sister Caridad (Diana Golden). Well surprise surprise, our Friday night killer is none other than Sister Caridad wearing a blonde wig & pretending to be a hooker. She goes into town to spread her evil presence into the city just as she has at the damn convent!

Written by the legendary Carlos Valdemar, Muertes a Medianoche (aka "Death At Midnight") is one heck (or hell) of a fun time. While the kill scenes are pretty weak since it’s all stranglings & stabs in the chest, we do however get some pretty wild-looking demonic shit happening at the convent! One nun dies by getting strangled with a rosary and her body hanged up in a tree. If that isn’t evil as heck (or hell), then I don’t know what is.

Muertes a Medianoche is a nice little sleazy fun time. If you enjoy nuns getting in demonic situations and pretending to be hookers, then this is your kind of movie for sure. I honestly didn’t expect much from it at first, but I was quite surprised in the end. While it’s not exactly Satanico Pandemonium, but it’s still worth a watch. 6/10.

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