Saturday, February 1, 2020


Sometimes, filmmakers want to portray a real-life event accurately and not make so many changes & such. The filmmakers want the audience to see what really happened in this particular event & make them feel like they’re right in front of it all happening. In the case of Waco Texas: Apocalipsis, that isn’t the case at all since it’s not very accurate and full of wild/twisted exaggerations that’ll make you laugh and head scratch. Even the other movie didn’t portray the Waco Siege accurately. Will we ever get a serious & accurate Mexican portrayal of the Waco siege? Probably not. Do we need one? Nah.

In Waco Texas: Apocalipsis, “Dave” (David Koresh) is an evil as fuck cult leader with no mercy. If any of his red shirt-wearing followers disobey him, they immediately get punished in bloody torturous ways! When one follower barely manages to escape, he’s found by the local sheriff (Fernando Almada) who wants to put a stop to this evil cult once & for all. The sheriff then teams up with federal agents to infiltrate Dave’s compound and put a stop to the evil cult leader & his minions! Even if it means to fight fire with fire!

 I thought Tragedia: Sucedió En Monte Carmelo was enough, but then came Waco Texas: Apocalipsis and I’m glad it came along because this movie is so ridiculous, vile & entertaining as hell (or is it heaven in this case?). Waco Texas: Apocalipsis features some of the most ridiculous scenes involving a very dorky/menacing looking Dave! Dave does not fuck around at all and only fucks his followers’ wives because according to him, it’s for human salvation. Dave also immediately kills whoever disobeys the cult’s rules. Trying to escape? He’s gonna drop you down to your death on a stone. Caught you fornicating with another follower? He’s gonna cut your dick off and stitch-close your girlfriend’s vagina. Dave can also shred on the guitar and there’s a wonderful scene where he’s just jamming away while his followers dance. It’s so strange and the music is synth-sounding rather than guitar rock sounding, but how can you not love this though? 

Dave doesn’t run this cult alone since he has a strong buff dude with him at all times (whom loves getting high) and the other right-hand of Dave’s is a goofy, bald-headed old fool whom always carries a scythe-looking stick & is always preaching. the old is also blind, but mostly looks intoxicated. Dave and his goons run the cult heavily with big guns & make money off illicit drug deals, thus making them all actual crazy criminals. Wonderful, huh? This movie truly has some bizarre characters, but so lovable despite how fucking evil they truly are.

As I said before, Waco Texas: Apocalipsis is ridiculous, vile and entertaining as hell since its filled with bizarre characters & plenty of violence to keep you watching in shock & laughter. The siege scene is amongst my favorite scenes since there’s plenty of guns firing between the law & cult followers, a decent explosion happens and Dave reveals to his followers that God isn’t even for real. Wonderful, right? I also cannot forget to mention a wonderful scene where a cop guns down a KKK group trying to rape a Mexican immigrant woman and after killing the last KKK member in the group, the cop says “The only rights a racist has is to eat shit".

 Waco Texas: Apocalipsis was written by Christian Gonzalez & Arturo Masson and this is exactly why I felt a sort of strong bond to the movie since it was written by the king of the videohomes himself. When you watch the movie, you will definitely see all the obvious stuff you would normally see in a Christian Gonzalez movie and that is ridiculously wild characters & ultra violence. I never would of thought I’d see a Waco siege movie written by Christian Gonzalez, but here we are... Waco Texas: Apocalipsis is a must see for sure. Don’t skip it or forget it! Also, I just learned a young David Koresh fucked an old woman! Ah!