Thursday, February 4, 2021

Infidelity & Consequences.

Webster Dictionary’s definition for “Infidelity” is: “the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one's husband, wife, or partner.” 

And that is exactly what goes on in the 1993 erotic melodrama Mujeres Infieles ("Unfaithful Women"). 3 stories of Infidelity & its consequences!

Julieta (Lina Santos) lives a care-free life of luxury with her husband Eduardo (Hugo Stiglitz), whom works in advertisement for Ray-Ban. Every Wednesday, Julieta meets up with her close cousin in Cuernavaca, but her trips out there aren’t necessarily to just see her favorite cousin—it’s actually to spend time with her hunky lover Marcelo (Miguel Angel Rodriguez). Marcelo begs Julieta to separate from her husband and to marry him & join him in Tijuana where he is to begin a new job out there. Julieta doesn’t want to lose her luxurious life provided by Eduardo, so she doesn’t take anymore chances with Marcelo and thus ends their relationship. Once Marcelo leaves for Tijuana, he leaves Julieta a goodbye present which is a beautiful & very expensive necklace. This necklace of course leads to some heavy consequences for Julieta to face.  

The first story in Mujeres Infieles is quite steamy & very well directed. There’s twists & turns and just when you think you know what is going to happen next—the complete opposite happens. If anything, it leaves you with several questions running through your head and I enjoy that very much. The vagueness just makes this story so damn good. Lina Santos is absolutely stunning to look at as well and her attitude through out the entire story is so charming & damning. She’s a gorgeous woman, but a very bad one. 

After Julieta storms out after her confrontation—she bumps into the younger couple that are featured in the 2nd story. 

The young & privileged Clara (Claudia Vega) is engaged to be married to a handsome, successful young guy named Ricardo (Raul Araiza) and her birthday is coming right up where she is anticipating a big celebration from everyone around her. Things seem to be going well, right? Apparently not when everyone seems to have forgotten Clara’s birthday and Ricardo apparently cannot cancel the bachelor party his friends are throwing him. Clara feeling betrayed & angry—takes her frustrations out on Alfonso (Rafael Rojas), the architecture who’s working on the apartment building that her & Ricardo are to be moving into. Alfonso also just happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Clara’s best friend (a very pregnant Michelle Mayer!). Alfonso is quite smitten to Clara and their attraction for one another is mutual, which then leads to them having a sexual rendezvous that ends in complete disaster. 

The second story is honestly predictable right near the end. You know a certain something will happen and sure enough it does. The story’s purpose overall though is to not freak out right away & abandon your feelings completely just for a little pleasure. And about that “little pleasure”, well it’s actually a very raunchy sex scene and it’ll either amuse you greatly or if you’re sensitive to such things— it will make you feel quite uncomfortable. This particular sex scene is something else for sure.

Mariana (Elizabeth Katz)
is very bored with her housewife life and seeks out a rendezvous in the personal ads. She finds a man by the name of Armando (Enrique Rocha) and they both hit it off fairly quick. Just when you think it’s just about sex & nothing more—Mariana is stalked by Armando whom believes she belongs to only him and this obsession leads to some very dire consequences for Mariana and her family!

The final story in Mujeres Infieles is much more dramatic & very wild. Enrique Rocha played the sadistic devil tormenting a nun in Satanico Pandemonium and here in Mujeres Infieles he reunites with the Martinez Solares’ once again to play a sadistic man tormenting a bored housewife. Enrique Rocha is a wonderful actor and seeing him in a later movie production is a real treat. Elizabeth Katz is also wonderful to see yet again since she’s very eye-captivating in La Mujer De Los Dos. José Alonso is also of course wonderful to see here since he plays his roles very well and here he plays Mariana’s husband who while isn’t the perfect husband—he still tries to be good to his wife and his feelings of betrayal are believable here & perhaps even relatable as well.

Inspired by the Italian melodrama-anthology films that he admired growing up and with the Mexican film industry rapidly changing to something “Nuevo” & prestigious in the 1990’s; director Adolfo Martinez Solares alongside his father Gilberto Martinez Solares had made their very own Nuevo Cine Mexicano film containing 3 stories of infidelity. In my interview with Adolfo, he says the topic of infidelity is “universal” and these 3 stories are very much relatable to anyone. Infidelity is hurtful and there are always consequences from it. And that ladies & gentlemen, is exactly what Mujeres Infieles is all about. 

Mujeres Infieles gained buzz when it won Best Foreign Film at the Houston International Film Festival (Worldfest Houston) and another big win in a festival in Charleston, TX. Mujeres Infieles deserved its winnings because it is a well thought-out & intriguing movie. These 3 stories will surely bring you plenty of erotic/melodramatic entertainment & maybe even some emotions will erupt from your inner soul as well. 

Mujeres Infieles is readily available on DVD and streaming exclusively on Picardia Nacional.