Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jorge Reynoso and your dad with his amazing hairstyle look for Diabolical Warriors.

As you know by now (unless you're a square), I'm a big fan of Jorge Reynoso. I've watched many movies of his and seen him face off just about everything and every one.

In Guerreros Diabolicos (aka "Diabolical Warriors" ), Jorge Reynoso and your dad with his amazing hair investigate bizarre murders & kidnappings done by an evil satanic cult. Apparently this cult goes around kidnapping women and sacrificing them. Most of these murders seem to happen in public places and the cult meets inside a cave up in the mountains. Isn't that cute? Anyway, we see Jorge Reynoso sitting on a desk looking at papers, walking around talking with his fellow cop buddies and near the end of the movie he's seen near a cop car. Mr. Reynoso is top billed, yet barely appears in the movie. The movie mostly focuses on the cult leaders played by Alfredo Wally Barron and Paco Pharrez. Oh, and the beautiful Claudia Guzman. She plays the eye-candy/final girl-type of gal. Naturally.

Julio Aldama (Jr.) also appears in the movie with a fake mustache. My favorite scene from the entire movie involves him and I must say, it's the funniest 1-minute/30 second scene ever. He's in a car but it's clearly not on. It's just being moved around like it's driving for real. Then out of nowhere, he sees the satanic cult and fake crashes. Flames appear on the vehicle and the littlest & fakest blood is smeared on his face. I laugh just thinking about that scene. Actually watching it and I just die of laughter. Seriously.

Guerreros Diabolicos is a small fun watch. It's not perfect, but why should it be? I mean, we get to see cheesy satanic rituals and cheesy strangling murders with only a hand showing. The music score is all synthy-90's sounding and I just adore that! I was also a fan of that guy that looks like your dad. His hair is just amazing and poofy. I bet it smelled strong of hairspray. How is your dad these days anyway? Did he star in other movies other than Guerreros Diabolicos? Please do tell. Also, send pictures of him with that amazing hair. Especially if he has it now(!!!).

After a hard night at work, Guerreros Diabolicos is the movie to go to. Simple and mindless satanic cult fun. Jorge Reynosoless, but still fun. Seek it. 5/10.