Thursday, December 13, 2018

Night of Beasts.

Have you ever watched a movie expecting it to be a certain way, but it turned to be something completely different instead? Have you ever watched a movie that was set in a certain time, but it felt like it could of been meant to be made much earlier in time? Well I can pretty much say Noche De Fieras (aka "Night of Beasts") is that kind of movie. All the way.

In Noche De Fieras we meet Ernesto (Hugo Stiglitz) and his gorgeous wife Isabel (Olivia Collins). Their marriage is on very thin ice. They both feel no love for each other & loathe each other with the exception of Ernesto still lusting over her. However though, he does feel a lot of resentment towards Isabel since she cannot bear him a child. Now isn't that fucked up? Despite all that, they remain married somehow but see other people who they truly have their hearts set on. Ernesto eventually decides on getting a divorce from Isabel so he can claim a part of an inheritance that her father had left for her and Ernesto. After finding out his mistress is pregnant with his child, Ernesto then decides (again!) he must get rid of Isabel so he can claim all of the inheritance rather than just have part of it. He then takes Isabel to her father’s old house in the mountains where it’s supposedly haunted. Once they arrive, really weird & creepy shit starts to happen to Isabel!

Noche De Fieras is one hell of a horror hidden gem. This movie is so obscure that there’s little to no info on it. It’s pretty sad too because this is a really great horror movie at the beginning of the 90’s and it features such a good story, a good setting and such a good cast as well. I really love how the movie begins since you don’t exactly know what’s going to happen. When we are introduced to Ernesto & Isabel: they’re both just going by their day normally and having some really steamy sex with their lovers. Afterwards, they both arrive home & just show their distastes towards each other. After that, we are then introduced to the eerie mountain house and a little story of when Isabel’s dad passed away. That’s when the mood is set to creepy & dark. The arrival at the house then sets off a variety of weird shit that happens to Isabel. The first being Isabel showering in green gunk, a mirror breaks with bloody limbs popping out, then she finds snakes in her closet and then we are introduced to a big ghoulish guy (Agustin Bernal) and a chubby Mummy. These 2 “monsters” are something else I swear!

Noche De Fieras was directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna and he was responsible for a lot of really good movies such as El Pueblo Fantasma, El Planeta De Las Mujeres Invasoras, Ilegales y Mojados, Al Filo Del Terror and so much more I long to list. Either way, Alfredo directed so many good movies and they all were usually dramas about affairs & horror/cult stuff, so his experience of all those genres were definitely all put together in Noche De Fieras. Alfredo is an old school filmmaker, so the movie definitely felt older than it was since it's like it should of been made in the 60’s or 70’s. Don’t you just love that? I do. I know I do.

Once Noche De Fieras comes to an end, you feel like there should of been more to be seen. Not to say it’s such a short movie or anything like that, but for the fact that you just want the movie to not end just quite yet. You’ll long to see more haunted house shit to happen and to see more of that chubby Mummy walking. Not to mention see more of Olivia Collins because she’s incredibly gorgeous in this movie! She definitely keeps your attention. Gotta love her.

Noche De Fieras is satisfying all the way and it’s a shame that this horror gem is buried away in obscurity. It needs to be seen and appreciated. Not hidden whatsoever. There’s a DVD at least, so definitely grab one of you can. It is a must see for sure.