Monday, December 3, 2018

Bronco: El Gigante De America.

Like Los Bukis and Los Caminantes: Bronco was also a music group I remember seeing a lot of as a kid. I remember their music and their appearance in the epic 90’s telenovela Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (blog coming soon covering the entire novela). Bronco was very popular back in those days, they had a bunch of hit songs, sold out shows and numerous media appearances. They were so popular that a movie was made starring all of them as themselves.

In Bronco: we meet Lupe, Ramiro, Jose Luis "Choche" and his brother Javier. Lupe is a good ol’ country boy who loves his ranch that he keeps up with his father. Ramiro is the son of a cop who longs to be one himself. Jose Luis and Javier are brothers who live with their adoring family & barely making ends meet together. All 4 men meet under tragic circumstances when a bank is robbed by vicious criminals. Lupe’s father is killed, Javier’s wife & son are kidnapped then later murdered and Ramiro tries to go after the criminals as if he were a cop. Ramiro then teams up with Jose Luis, Javier & Lupe to find the criminals and put a stop to them!

Bronco wastes no time at all. It never drags nor does it ever grow unnecessary. The movie is non-stop action with its gun-firing action and car chases & explosions. A movie with Bronco had to be fun for the whole family so it does feature some comedic scenes that are mostly done by Javier and Jose Luis. It’ll usually be little wise cracks and quirks. Sure it’s corny, but it’s charming regardless. Since all 4 members of Bronco have never really acted before, their acting skills are pretty slim. Still, you have to give them a lot of credit for still starring in the movie and trying their best. I really admire this.

The main villains of the movie are played by Jorge Luke and Patricia Rivera. Both of them are so amazing in the movie. Especially Patricia Rivera since she’s always such a badass. Lupe being a romantic: his love interest is course played by the beautiful Lina Santos. She’s not much in the movie, but for the time that she’s in, it sure is worth it since she’s so eye-catching (aye!).

I also can’t forget to mention that there’s a small cameo with Mr. Johnny Canales. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Johnny Canales was a host of his own tv show back in the 80’s & 90’s that featured many Mexican musicians before & after they became famous. His catchphrase before the musicians perform was "You Got It. Take It Away!". Naturally he says that in the movie.

I honestly had a blast watching the Bronco movie because it definitely brings back memories of my childhood and remembering their music blasting through the living room stereo system by my parents. Bronco is truly an iconic group that will forever be remembered. I do however long for the Bronco movie to come out of the obscurity it has been since after its release because it's truly a great movie that’s so fun & exciting and made with so much pride. Even if you’re not familiar with Bronco, their movie will still entertain you. 8/10.

 Also, my mom told me a while back she actually saw this movie in theaters with my dad and I must say I am truly envious of that.