Thursday, October 18, 2018

I love you, Catalina.

An unseen person enters a taxi late at night. The Kinks’ Lola plays inside the car and suddenly the taxi driver is stabbed with a large metal knitting needle. From there we meet our female killer, Catalina (Lorena Maza). Catalina is a very plain jane looking young lady. She wears some dorky glasses and dresses very conservatively. She lives with her grandmother and they both seem to loathe men. Catalina’s grandmother mentions that her late daughter/Catalina’s mother was troubled by men and that is what costed her life. Almost every night, Catalina is awakened by the vengeful spirit of her mother and has her go out to kill men. The kind that only want to take advantage and that are just plain awful!

Yo Te Amo Catalina (aka "I Love You Catalina" & Also known as "El Secreto") is a very unusual, mysterious movie. Is it good? Oh yes definitely, but again, it is unusual and so mysterious. Even the lack of production info is baffling. Despite the mystery surrounding the movie, it is all so damn intriguing. The characters are interesting, the dark settings are fascinating & creepy, and the killing action is quite bloody at times as well. Rodolfo De Anda is the leading man of the movie as Detective Aquiles who’s investigating the grizzly murders committed by Catalina. When Aquiles meets with Catalina regarding a victim she was last seen with, he falls for her so badly and is willing to end his lame marriage just to forever be with Catalina. She has become an obsession of his—not just his little secret girlfriend. Aquiles being an obsessive person, also has a liking for cats. Throughout the movie, Aquiles asks people around him if they like cats. He never really gets a response from anyone. Hilarious.

If you’re looking for a nice, dark & mysterious Mexican thriller to watch at night, then Yo Te Amo Catalina is the movie to watch. This movie truly impressed the hell out of me for literally everything it gave. It’s gonna be one of those movies that I’m gonna think about often and still question as well. The name Catalina will never be the same for me as well. Catalina hates men and she’s coming for me next. Or perhaps you.