Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Trolls, Witches, Demons.

In Endemoniado (aka "Demonized"), a psychiatrist meets with a small group of people who claim they have been victims of demonic atrocities. He tells the group he cannot help them with these kinds of things since he can only help them mentally wise, but being the helpful person that he is, decides to bring them all to a church for a good ol’ exorcism or two. In this case, 3 of them.

El Troll
A woman goes to a witch for help with her drunken husband. She wants him to quit drinking and to stop being a dick to her. So then, the woman acquires a weird troll doll that will apparently help with the drunken husband dilemma. Once the troll is at the house, weird shit starts to happen with the husband and of course it's because of that damn ugly troll doll. It even starts to move around by itself and spy at the woman showering for some reason. The troll doll then possesses the husband and his wife ends up dead. 

The first story of Endemoniado starts off pretty darn good. Despite how cheap that troll doll is, it’s still creepy as shit and Roberta d’Nero is always fun to look at. She’s incredibly gorgeous after all (aye!).

Embrujo Macabro
A naive young dude named Fernando begins to see a gorgeous woman named Paty. Paty appearing to be gorgeous & young—is actually an old witch in disguise who wants Fernando to only love him and no one else. She proceeds to put a potion in his Pepsi that makes him go crazy for her. Since drinking Paty’s potion, he’s not the same person he once was. All he ever wants to do is to be with Paty and goes bonkers when anyone gets in his way. Paty also curses the fuck out of Fernando’s actual girlfriend and kills her! 

This second story is also pretty darn good. It does however lack a reason for why the witch does what she does, but other than that, Paty Muñoz as a witch is intriguing to see. Fernando is also the dumbest character ever and he really proves that us guys need to not fall for these crazy witches! They will destroy our lives!

En El Nombre Del Diablo
A woman and her young daughter live a decent life together and the woman is very devoted to God. Her daughter however sort of lacks the devotion to God and little by little starts to show some evil tendencies and then full blown becomes possessed by a demon! 

They saved the best story for last. This final story of demonic possession is quite fun and cheap as hell. The girl who gets possessed worships this unusual-looking demon Halloween decoration and while it’s so ridiculous, you still can’t help but love it. There’s also a wonderful scene when the demon has fully controlled the girl and starts causing mayhem in her room by getting her shit broken which includes a Winnie The Pooh/Chavo Del Ocho piggy bank. Also, the demon makeup was atrocious but fun nonetheless. It’s like they tried to make it look scary, didn’t go well, but still kept it up anyway. Gotta admire that!

Endemoniado is one heck of a fun cheap horror anthology! I was actually quite surprised by it since I didn’t really have much faith in it at first, but once it gets going and it ends, I was left wanting a little more. While some of the stories don’t really make sense, they’re still pretty fun and the cast did a great job playing their roles. There’s also something about this movie that felt super 90’s at times. I feel like this was something that was supposed to be made back in those days but it ended up coming in the early 2000’s instead. Still great though.

Endemoniado seems to have been bootlegged quite a lot to the point where I’ve never seen an official copy with its original title “En El Nombre Del Diablo”. The reason I know it’s bootlegged is because the original title on the opening credits is changed to Endemoniado and you can spot the original title for just a second but fades off. The closing credits completely blacks out the copyright as if someone is truly wanting to hide it all. What’s the deal? Who knows, but clearly this movie featured in all those 5-10 compilation DVD’s are bootleg as heck (hell).

If you’re in the mood for a super cheap but fun horror anthology filled with witches, troll dolls, and demonic possessions—then Endemoniado is a recommendation for sure.