Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Joseph Morgan's deal with The Devil.

It really, really sucks to be Joseph Morgan (Fernando Almada).

Town drunk Joseph Morgan is having a nightmare. The Devil calling himself Dr. Petroni (Mario Almada) appears In front of him, he then opens a coffin that contains his own self inside it. This must all mean something, right? After Joseph’s eerie nightmare, he goes to the saloon to beg for free booze and ends up humiliated. After constantly being reminded of how much of a broken man he is after accidentally killing his only son, Dr. Petroni comes to Joseph at the cemetery telling him he will make him a better man again and just wants to “help”. Joseph hesitates at first, but when his wife is brutally assaulted, he vows for revenge and becomes immortal with the help of Dr. Petroni’s ritual of killing a young goat & drinking its blood. Joseph Morgan then goes on his vengeful killing spree!

Oh my lord (or Satan) is El Pistolero Del Diablo perfection all over. Directed by legendary Ruben Galindo and starring both Almada Brothers, El Pistolero Del Diablo is one hell of a fucking Horror-Western movie. It’s grimy, it’s mean, it’s bloody and just plain evil. Also, it's very very foggy as well.

I can’t recall a minute of ever getting a little bored from the movie since it’s just so damn entertaining from beginning to end. We pity our main man Joseph Morgan and wish he would just say no to the devil and the dumb bottles of booze, but he refuses and becomes a much worse person than he already is. This movie had emotion as well and that’s what made it perfect for me. Yes, evil & sleaze is fun to see, but when the hard emotions come a hittin’, this is when a movie truly becomes special & memorable as hell. El Pistolero Del Diablo is one of the best Mexican horror movies I’ve seen. Truly under-appreciated and sadly even forgotten.

El Pistolero Del Diablo is a must see. If you’re a fan of Mario Almada & Fernando Almada, then obviously you have to see it. It’s very rare to see Mario Almada in a “bad guy” role and this one is truly one of his finest. I mean, he is playing The Devil after all. How fucking amazing is that? Very amazing that’s for sure. 10/10.